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Catching artistic vibes from like minded folks. Love digital photography

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wow. this place has THE MOST variety of unique items I've seen. I came looking for a dress, and left with 20+ fun roleplay items that I didn't even know I needed. Thank you so much!

Jungle Welcome

This grid is new, why do the builds look like Second Life from 2006? Very empty every time I visit. Apparently JungleFriend users are not allowed to have friends from the hypergrid on their personal estates, shame that access is restricted in that manner


I've tried to access this region 3 times under 3 different grids. Aviworlds, Junglefriends, and dreamnation all blocked? If you are not going to allow hypergridding you need to GET OFF opensimworld. You do not deserve the traffic to your dying grid


Great shopping experience, probably the best ive encountered in opensims! Only high-quality items here and so far every asset has worked back in my home grid. Clean non laggy layout that isnt a mess of boxes. 10 star if I could <3

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