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1960's Woodstock
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Welcome to one of the Grooviest places in open sim, come back to the 60's as we rock out and relive one of the best decades in time. Looking For Trebel plays all your favorite tunes. Need a place to crash, plenty of tents, beetles and Volkswagens to hang out in. We also have a small market with various items for you to take for free. the huge v.w bus is great for a smoking a hookah or to just chill out on the couch watching someone on the dance pole go. Wanna be a groovy hippy, hop on top of the bus and dance away. And dont forget to get your free Rublight, you can rub it on anything. And the best part is , there is no dress code, come in whatever you would like and that includes your birthday suit.

Now presenting the Rublight that you can rub on anything. hold it in your hand and dance the night away. Available for free on the advertising sign next to the stage.

Renovations are under way for 1960's Woodstock

Spax Orion: That sounds like a fun recreation. Some NPC shows could be FUN, will Jimi Hendricks be there??? Watch out for the virtual drugs... Those candy corns will take you out of this world! 11 months ago

since this gets hardly any traffic I am thinking about taking this out and putting a 1960's Woodstock in it, a stage, tents, vw bus, places to have sex. what do you all think?

HanHeld: I don't think there's a large enough user base to try to appeal to demographics of any sort. It's a good idea and worth running up the flagpole but not for the sake of traffic (which I don't believe r... 12 months ago

You can now rez a car and drive right in. There are still plenty of other cars to sit in but if you would like the experience of what it was like back in the day now is your chance.

due to not much activity before shut down in drive-in I may take it out and use it for something else. can I get thoughts on it if i should shut it down?

The Drive-in Theater is back, a few things need to be re added but in the mean time enjoy the show

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Faith Fromund Really neat location. I'm a sucker for anything nostalgic.
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