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I discovered SL in 2005, and joined Opensim in 2010. I did a bunch of shit that has nothing to do with anything going on today (specifically:made oars, co-organized avatarfest (2015-2018), built exhibits for the SL birthday event in 2014-2016,2018,2022)

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So fortune shine your light on me and my dog
'Cause we need some security
While other folks are living high on the hog

I'm the black sheep of the family

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Current favorites are Black Sabbath, Ghost, Roxy Music, Rush, X; basically any kind of Rock and Roll.

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Grid: Contabo
Home: 2022 HP victus gaming desktop

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I always thought the quote was "the haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be having fun" which to be honest sums up SO FUCKING MANY of the posters here (eek! an advert for a cock -quick, martha get me my smelling salts) but apparently I was wrong.

Far from pushing boundries, expressing creativity and being filled with a spirit of exploration these days opensim just seems like a dim sick room filled with bitter souls scared of anything that even resembles anything interesting.

Opensim is a spent force, creatively, technologically, SOCIALLY, spiritually. As someone who remembers the days when virtual worlds actually were a frontier it breaks my heart.

I'm too old to keep up with the new hotness (that would be generative AI: /r/stablediffusion) so this isn't a "flounce" at all. I'm not going elsewhere -I'm simply getting this off my chest.

Daaaamn, so many of you (not all obviously, but so so many) don't just need to pull the stick out; you've got a whole fuckin forest up there!

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Lbsa Plaza

It's turned into the "no fun allowed" clubhouse for aging puritans. https://gyazo.com/e0f37e3986b31f0ef2f0b918434fa7ce The funniest thing is that list has grown longer and longer since it was put up. I'm confident the "old biddy brigaid" can get it to grow even more over the years to come! Fuck that place; seriously.

real sex rlv

It's a nice sim to clean your pallate after reading one too many pearl clutching things. :) It's not my thing (read:kink) -and I took a star off for annoying me (I had to install the latest firestorm to TP over there); that's partly my fault. That said even though it's a pretty simple layout it looks like it has some thought put into it and I genuinely enjoyed looking around. I saved a land...


I remember this sim from Metropolis and it's only gotten better over time! More things to shop for, improved layout -I'm giving it five stars!

Shangrilla Dolls World

Ava O has impeccable tastes and has put a lot of time and effort into her region -and it shows. I was lucky enough to run into her when I visited and she was extremely helpful and sweet. Some regions are worth a visit, this one is worth spending some time in. Awesome, awesome region!


I'm visiting and amazed at all the beautiful and creative outfits that are here -5 out of 5 stars from me!

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