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Shirelands Hub
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Lord of the Rings related sims including Hobbiton, Mirkwood, Rivendell and Bree

Visit Shirelands to get access to allour Shire Sims - Hobbiton, Mikwood, Bree and Rivendell - plus our freebie mall and the massive 64 sim Steampunk Gor adventures in Seas of Thassa!

We now have Rivendell, Hobbiton, Bree and Mirkwood to explre - visit Welcome to Shirelands hub (and mall) to visit!!

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Darkness Papp Its not very helpful to have ratingsa of zero becase an individual cant find a site - this grid is up 24/7 More likely an issue with the commentator navigation than with the grid - please remove best wishes David
Darkness Papp If the sim isnt showing as active its usually wrong!
Emerelda Greenwood The region is there and if you know anything about opensim Jona you would not give a zero rating to this place because if you had seen it and seen what the creator achieved in Second Life before coming here you would not be so ungrateful for the contribution this person has made. Teleports and regio...