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An entertainment venue fit for The King! Created for and featuring the singing talents of Clan Escotia, the sensational Scotsman who will amaze you with his range and his quirky personality. Join him as he hosts various artists from around the metaverse and sings for the amusement of his adoring fans in this lush 2x2 var with lots to explore!
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Today's Autumnfest show with CLAN LIVE and Clan's Band will be Steampunked! Come hear Clan and blow off steam at the same time! Our usual Monday time slot (1PM) with Clan singing LIVE, in the beautiful AutumnFest stage sim.
hop:// AutumnFest Stage

Figured out the max setting thingie :)

ClanEscotia: Welcome to my World, wont you come on in........... 2 years ago

PhotoTools-Owler skies, Maldives Water, from the roof of the Castle over Main Stage. YEAH BABY!

DJ CLAN at the ClanAir Airport MONDAY 1PM
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [18 Jul 2022 13:00 SLT]

First Class passengers now boarding.... Captain Clan is here to get your boogie shoes moving and your spirits soaring! First class all the way! You know he's really, really certain you won't guess the contest for bits this week. But then when doesn't he say that ;) See you here!

When you feel you are blessed from above, and you get that flutter inside ya,
Maybe some friends try to match ya, and if they do is that enough?
If everything's pleasant, no tears abound, everything is roses and doves,
Then face it my friend possibility is there, you too are addicted to love!

Find us at the romantic CandleDance venue this week! AMV is the place to be!

When it comes to verses, I try my very best,
When it comes to singing, vocals are put to test,
And when it comes to memories, I sometimes reach the bend,
It's times like that I count on you, the ones I call my friends!
P.S. Bring square photos of your favorite inworld memories, we'll display on the big screen on the main stage :)

It wouldn't be the Fourth of July without some fireworks, some BBQ, and Friends & Family! So come by and listen to some good ol' American songs (played by a Scot ;) along with his weekly COMPETITION for Gloebits..

Webby has made a fun pop out TP MENU HUD for all the venues (OMG there are 20!) in Club Escotia, feel free to try it out and pop around to any you may have missed! Have an independent day wherever you are!

DJ CLAN is Missing! Clues placed starting 1PM Monday...
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [27 Jun 2022 13:00 SLT]

DJ Clan is hiding somewhere in AMV, and has left clues
in each of the venues at Club Escotia. Each clue is a
letter in the name of the AMV region where he is hiding,
collect them all and unscramble the name, put the name
in your Map, and TP there to win today's gloebits prize!

Clan will be on the stream with more clues, so tune in
while hunting, his clones will be watching you ;)

Look for purple clues in any of the Club Escotia venues.
(A box with a notecard of all venue locations with LMs
is at the landing point.)

It's International "Bring Your Dog To Work Day!" Join our canine festivities in the new Dogwood Forest venue at Club Escotia on Friday for a (don't make me say it...) Doggone Good Time! Oh, these cats in the pic? They told me they identify as dogs ;)

DJ CLAN at Moonlight Bay at 1PM MONDAY!
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [20 Jun 2022 13:00 SLT]

We were sailing along on Moonlight Bay
We could hear the voices singing
They seemed to say
"You have stolen her heart"
"Now don't go 'way"
As Clan played love's old sweet songs
On Moonlight Bay (...on moonlight baaaaaaaaay..)

Clan LIVE with Clan's Band at The Swamp 1PM Friday!
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [17 Jun 2022 13:00 SLT]

Down in the boondocks... deep in the misty swamp... ok well I can't think of any rhymes today so let me just say, y'all come for a good time :)

Calling all Aliens, we know you're out there, dancing among us... Show your true colors today at Club Escotia's elaborate Area 51! DJ Clan will be creating the mood with his personal collection of out of this world music :) There are 2,000 Gloebits in the Contest Prize Jar to start, drop in some of your own, winner takes all! Beam over!

If you're prone to settings that's beachy,
Where your skin goes all rosy and peachy,
Bring the sunscreen and hat, eat a burger -- get fat!
And let Clan and Band entertain ya!

Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [6 Jun 2022 13:00 SLT]

So we just like to wear elegant gowns? Perhaps... But at least once a month it's dress up time at Club Escotia's beautifully decorated CandleDance venue, high on a hill overlooking the kingdom. DJ Clan's got an amazingly romantic set planned, come feel the magic of a warm summer night with your crazy family, we clean up pretty good! LOL

CLAN'S LIVE with Clan's Band at the RED HEN 1pm FRIDAY!
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [3 Jun 2022 13:00 SLT]

Roses are RED, violets are RED, everything's RED on Friday
My face is RED, cause some folks have said, they like when I'm singing songs My Way
So join us in RED, with eggs on your head, and bring all your friends to the Chalet
Come by The Red Hen, to start your weekend, with your favourite band and a PARTY!

All you will hear is the count of the ref, as your backside touches the canvass,
A left uppercut, and a right cross, could possibly land you in Kansas,
So with 3000 Gloebits that's ripe for the taking, are you smart enough to enter,
Cause if you fail to get it correct, on the canvass you'll land, in the center!

DJ CLAN'S May Garden Party and CONTEST
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [23 May 2022 13:00 SLT]

Roses are pink, violets are blue,
To start your week off right....
Here's what to do:
Visit our garden all decked out for May
Put all your spring cleaning away
Dance with us and relax under trees
The music delightful and so is the breeze!

P.S. Don't forget Clan's weekly competition for Gloebits! 5,500 in the pot to start! Throw some of your own bits in there, winner takes all!

Clan's Birthday Surprise! THURSDAY NOON!
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [19 May 2022 12:00 SLT]

OK we're ready to rock over here.. Come on by any time..

DJ CLAN Swamp Party at Club Escotia 1PM Monday!
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [16 May 2022 13:00 SLT]

1 PM Monday, Clan's Clan has arrived, and we're all down at The Swamp!
Beware of the critters, especially the gators, on your legs they love to chomp!
Two Thousand gloebits and some rockin' licks, we hope make you smile and be happy,
Come see Creole Queen, climb aboard, and like a gator, make it snappy!

Clan's BAND CAMP Friday 1PM!
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [27 May 2022 13:00 SLT]

This one time.. at band camp... you know the line ;)
CLAN sings LIVE with Clan's Band and some acoustic specials from Clan you have not heard! Full main stage at Club Escotia turned into a giant campground for your amusement for the month of May! Watch out for the local wildlife, oh and the animals also. See you here!

It's Saturday and it's kinda impromptu,
So here is a suggestion of what you could do,
Pull on those shoes and dancin leathers,
Head to Geronimo's for a laugh and a blether!

CLAN LIVE with Clan's Steampunk Band 1PM!
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [6 May 2022 13:00 SLT]

Wherever you go, there you are
We hope you never go so far
That you can't hear our handsome hunk
For this week Clan will be Steampunk!

It's Monday! It's here! The time has finally come,
To shake your poms, or your hips or maybe bang a drum,
The DJ's in PJ's, and lookin' rather arty,
So come along at 1 pm and join us for the PARTY!!

If you come to this thing, we're sure you'll look a dish,
Not lookin' like Crustaceans, Octopus or Squid,
For we are living artists, not acting like a goon,
Welcome to Club Escotia to the land of King Neptune!

DJ Clan roams around his kingdom each week to bring a fresh new set of music and a "competition" for Gloebits every Monday from 1pm till...? This week's Prize Pot starts at 5875, add your own bits and winner takes all! Join us at the airport, and thank you for flying ClanAir ;)

With all the colors of the wind, Clan sings our favorite songs while we throw paint around the room. Bring a painting of your own to display (first 10 people to claim an easel!)
Special thanks to those who made this build a lot of fun: RainO for his 3D Mesh Blender skills, Essensual McMahon for her RL abstract art "Sure webby use it however you like!" Famous last words ;) - Jimmy for his incredible EEP work - as i watch the summer clouds waft by... and all of you good peeps for coming to our shows :) Clan's still looking for the return of the errand avatar he sent to the paint store for Tartan Paint. AMV is the Place to BE!

One night only: DJ Clan and the Clanettes! Come see us and dance to the sounds of DJ CLAN at 1PM! See you here!

Clan's Band LIVE on a very good Friday 1PM!
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [15 Apr 2022 13:00 SLT]

Roses are red, violets are blue, and mostly the Easter Bunny is true,
So if you have time and in need of a laugh, we'll tell ya just what you can do...
Come along for the show and before long you'll know what enjoyment is all about!
With ears and a tail, a smile will prevail, there's no need to see that pout!

Introducing our newest band member Orb Emerald on sax!!!
Join us at the Sunflower House on Club Escotia, we're all decked out for Easter!
It's going to be a good good Friday ;)

DJ Clan is absolutely positive this week (more or less) you won't guess his Trivia Contest. (This is what he thought LAST week heh heh heh) Spinning all his favorite songs from our "Easterized" Red Hen club (aka what do you do at a Ski Chalet when the snow has melted?) Clan will drop clues during the event... be sure to drop some bits into the prize pot, because WINNER TAKES ALL!

Deep in Club Escotia, at the foot of "Craigh na Dun"
Lives a family of Sasquatch who are musically in tune.
We set up some equipment, for dancing and for sound,
And invite our hairy friends to join us dancing round the pond!
So pack up your umbrella, put on your dancing boots
We plan on dancing in the rain, the MUSIC is our roots!

CLAN SINGS LIVE with Clan's Fools - Friday 1PM
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [1 Apr 2022 13:00 SLT]

If you're a Pirate or maybe a Fairy,
You may be a Mermaid that looks somewhat hairy,
Jokers and Jesters are welcome this way,
Join us on Friday for April Fool's day!

We'll be in the castle garden with a full band show this week, so don your most foolish costume and swing on by!

The Red Hen presents DJ CLAN 1PM MONDAY
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [28 Mar 2022 13:00 SLT]

DJ Clan is absolutely positive (more or less) you won't guess this week's Trivia Contest. Spinning all his favorite songs, he will drop clues along the way... be sure to drop some bits into the prize pot, we have over 8k bits there now, but WINNER TAKES ALL!

Clan LIVE at our own special CARNIVAL! 1pm FRIDAY
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [25 Mar 2022 13:00 SLT]

It's always a treat to hear Clan sing,
This you know is true!
Surrounded by lions and monkeys and bears,
All we need now IS YOU!

Really a group effort on this show... Customized costumes and decor you won't see anywhere else! Watch Esse do tricks on horseback, with curated animations from Webby's workshop ;) There may even be a Big Foot sighting.. so come share the fun of our one-of-a-kind freak show! Special thanks to Essensual McMahon, Chris McCracken, and Clan's Band aluminati (lol) RainO Magic for their ideas, prims, scripts and support!

The time has arrived it's Monday,
Twenty four hours later than Sunday,
With Spring in the air, we think that it's fair,
That ye'all come along for a fun day!

P.S. Set your viewer to SHARED ENVIRONMENT to see the gorgeous skies made with EEP by Jimmy Olsen and Cliff Hanger! WOW!!!

Clan's Band HOUSE PARTY - Sunflower House - 1 PM FRIDAY!
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [18 Mar 2022 13:00 SLT]

Rain and Webby teamed up on a Builder's Club AMV challenge to build a house based on a RL blueprint. Of course, we went nuts. Jimmy Olsen sent Webby some 3D Sunflowers and the concept BLOOMED into our beautiful new multi-purpose Clan's Band Sunflower House! This is our first show in this new house, please feel free to join us and roam around the premises! Interact with the band by CHANGING OUR COLORS LIVE with 45 color options! Of course with CLAN's voice LIVE on the stream, you know it's going to be a fun HOUSE PARTY ;)

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay with DJ Clan! 1PM MONDAY
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [14 Mar 2022 13:00 SLT]

Clan is at the dock of the bay, come along and hear what he has to play,
Music that has got that beat, we're pretty sure you wont be sitting in seat,
Shake off your winter blues, join the competition listen for clues,
Seven thousand gloebits or so, could you really wish for anything more ?

If leathers and bikes are what ya like, then come along on Friday,
So check your closet for the outfit ya want, and we all know you will look tidy,
Rock'n'roll we plan to play, and everything in between,
We promise that we shall be the best band that you have ever seen!

DJ CLAN at Area 51 - CYA Headquarters at 1PM Monday!
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [7 Mar 2022 13:00 SLT]

It's all a mystery the work we do, fighting to save the planet,
From alien life to plasma formations, we hope we get it right darnit,
So help us save the world from destruction, and grace the world with care,
Come help us fight the bad guys, and find the truth out there!

CLAN LIVE as The Ringmaster - Club Escotia Friday 1pm!
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [4 Mar 2022 13:00 SLT]

1 PM the ringmaster calls, the animals take their places,
With Clan and Band at the circus , we hope that you show your faces,
Showing you tricks, tumbles and falls, all for your pleasure,
So come along Friday to our place, and dance at your leisure!

DJ Clan at CandleDance 1PM with Contest!
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [28 Feb 2022 13:00 SLT]

Time to DANCE at the beautiful Club Escotia venue CANDLEDANCE with your hot host DJ CLAN! Prize pot starts at over 6500 Gloebits, add a few bits to the pot, be the first to guess Clan's weekly mind bender, and WINNER TAKES ALL! It's a great way to jumpstart your week with great music, friends and family... AMV is the Place to Be! ( Clan's tux this week by Esse! Formal wear optional, but you know you want to! )

Clan LIVE with Clan's Band at Club Escotia 1PM FRIDAY
Where: Club Escotia
When: 2 years ago [25 Feb 2022 13:00 SLT]

The time is set it's 1 pm, the sim is Club Escotia,
We've sailed far, from coast to coast, and across every ocean,
So meet us at The Docks on Friday, and take this to the bank,
Those who do not have such fun, we think should walk the plank!

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Melanie Sawyer Fantastic venue, friendly people and Clan is an amazing performer. Great music
Bobbi Fox always always lots of fun and sometimes gloebits to be won Clan has such a mazin voice and his band all play real noice ♥♥
Thirza Ember It's like a little island nation more than a club sim. Beautiful. And that Scottish accent...

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shaquita loves thats cottish accent OMG!!!!!
[14:27] Cataplexia Numbers: Clan has been The Voice of AMV for over 2 years now, We are blessed to have him here! See his Oprensim World page for Upcoming events at the many music venues of Club Escotia!