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Now on Equinox Grid 2022 (EQG22)
Steampunk Festival. Get Steampunked Today.

Also, find us on Discord:

Just spent the last couple days making these earrings, and they are now available at EQG Steampunk Festival. They are not rigged, you will have to position them on your ears properly. Two pairs are available in the box. The xaSteampunk Earring Box can be found in the Women's Accessories in the Main Hall.

equinoxgrid.com:8002:EQG Steampunk Festival
Five mesh gears are now available at Steampunk Festival. All these gears are recolorable, sizable and texturable. I made these blue so they are easier to see on the wall. They can be found in either Men's or Women's Accessories. More coming soon. Also, gear textures have been added to the Texture Organizer. These gear textures are PNG, white on alpha, for your low rez gear needs. Get Steampunked Today!
My first edition of Steampunk Hand Tools now available at EQG Steampunk Festival.
Includes Rotary Gun (think cordless screw or drill), Auto-adjustable Wrench ('crescent wrench'), and a Ratchet Driver (socket ratchet drive, but this one 'drives' itself). Also includes the (ugly) toolbox. None of the tools "function", but the hand tools look great.

Inspired by a set I saw online, but I made these myself. More to come.

equinoxgrid.net:8002:EQG Steampunk Festival

Get Steampunked Today at the Steampunk Festival on Equinox Grid.
General Admission now open.

My SACS TEASER Release is finally available, only at Steampunk Festival - in the Air Vehicle Shop.
This is my first "official" release of anything to the HG. Hopefully, it all works as it does for me, provided you are using ubODE physics engine and X script engine.
A copy of the box is not available. Instead, you will get a folder with the box's contents. Please be patient as it may take a minute or two to completely transfer. When I tested my box with my Discovery Xaria, the folder went into my suitcase. However, everything seemed to work properly.

Please read the included documentation.

Please contact me with questions, comments or concerns.
Thank You, Xaria Aubrey.


Get Steampunked Today at the Grand Opening of Steampunk Festival on Equinox Grid.

Get Steampunked this Saturday during the Steampunk Festival Grand Opening. Begins April 11th at 9am GT.

Welcome to the Steampunk Festival on Equinox Grid.
Grand Opening is Saturday April 11th at 9am.

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Steampunk Siouxsin this is an absolutely amazing region! Great job. I felt like i was transported to an amazing steampunk world! I enjoyed exploring. Keep it up! we need more Steam!

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for your steampunk outfits, many of the pieces are not found.
I am looking now, but have not found a broken item... do you remember which item was broken?
they were steampunk outfits, and i deleted sorry. got message unable to rez and then number.
Great Place to explore. I'm a lil jealous that is so good. *wink!
but seriously, it's Highly recommended!