Rock City


Passion Jumanji
This Club . . . Eternity is my FAV OF ALL FAVS to hang out at in Digiworldz! They call me Family, there and that means SO MUCH to me! ;) They have lots of fun loving people who really care about a person. They have some really awesome parties here too! Right now, we have Halloween, and Eternity is decked to the max with scarey Halloween stuff! If you don't come here, you will never know what you have missed! So come on down and make some new & old friends and ROCK THE NIGHT AWAY!

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If Digi would alter its BS login shit..more would visit

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No idea what this region looks like or the grid.
Multiple times i have filled out the hypergrid information required sand accepted terms of service.
And every time, still not able to teleport to there, or even to the default welcome region.

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Jack Stone
Great club... but I may be a tad bit biased.. ;)

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Trav Winesmith Never Died.
I filled out the information to access this location as a hyper grid on their website twice. Each time it said I was now allowed and showed the IP address of my login to their grid, but inworld I couldn't teleport there saying I needed to re-register my account to verify the TOS. Well, I did that twice now...ANd I'm not going to do it again. Why on earth is this place locked down like Fort Knox ? Very frustrating as I have now wasted 30 min on my evening not being able to get to an event at rock city.,.. I am leaving this review because it is the only way I know how to get a hold of someone to fix this problem. When I can get there, (to rock city) I will delete this review and make another based on my experience actually being in the sim on the grid...

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Trynatie Mason
Eternity oh how i can write a entire book about this club , always having so much fun there , everyone is super friendly and you get a huge welcome when you enter , the conversations are constantly flowing in this club the laughter the fun well all i can say is your missing out if you do not visit and meet some amazing people , this is one stop you will not regret .. they have a wide variety of music monday threw fridays 6-8pm .. so what are you waiting for ??? come see us , we welcome ALL across the worldz :)

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The best club in Open sim! Anybody can have a club...but these people make you feel great and the music is soooo good. I do not live on Digi....but they have always welcomed me!

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Fabulous people, everyone is family to this club! Great entertainment and fun for all!!

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Tatiana Volare
Love to party here, such a variety of music, people are friendly, no drama mama.

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Jade Soraya
Eternity Night Club is the best club in Digi and has the friendliest staff and the most awesome VIP's!! Best place to go and take a break and have fun with family and friends!! At Eternity we have we are like one big happy family!! Come join our family and friends and relax to some awesome music and have a great time!!

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Artman Xue
Club Eternity Rocks the house each night they're open! Great DJ's, Great Host and Amazing Raffles and Prizes! Love This Club!

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Cellica Ayashi
I am happy I was able to get to club/music event here and enjoyed the DJs and Host/ess. BUT dang that the 12th time I travel to DigizWorld requested me to fill in the login and credentials :/ But least I got here :)

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Zeus2485 Anton
thanks nice parrty

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Great Place, good music and fun

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we have so much fun whenever we visit... Tryn and the rest are all great people... its always a blast !!

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Rogue Galaxy
I love this region and the owner is very welcoming and helpful! The Eternity night club is a great place to hang out and listen to some great music, make a few new friends, and become a part of a very loving caring supportive community.

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Great club, friendly folk, awesome Blues :)))

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Great Club and good people found there too. Long time friends and new ones stopping buy nightly.

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