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Welcome to Dragon Valley, a member of the OsGrid Furry Continent!
We're a multi-culture continent catering to Furs, Nekos, Kemonos, Therians, Otherkin, MLP, and more!

We're back online as of 9/24/2021 using Amazon EC2. Thanks to everyone who pestered me to ^_^

Thanks for visiting and let the Fur be with you,

This will be the final change.

ANL stargate is up for those that remember those. Build progress has been slow due to work, prior commitments, etc.. Still not sure what to do with the garage but is there for aesthetics for now I guess. Community wise seems to be very slow as well, guessing probably because it's October and the end of the year(on top of wanting to recreate a specific community). I'm also trying to see the feasibility of paying those that join the community a monthly stipend but won't even consider that until I can get a proper donation medium down. I also might bump the gloebit plugin for PayPal but am really on the fence about both. Time will tell I guess.

The flags of Dragon Valley! Fun fact; did some soul searching the past couple of years and came up that I'm demisexual. Fancy that ^_^

I've preserved the older images that were on here for historical sake onto my laptop. On to the new ones! This is an overhead shot of Dragon Valley. It's an island complete with Welcome Center, Freebie Shop, Card Shop, Sushi Stand, and a vacant shop I'm not sure what to do with yet with bridges going North, South, and East. I've taken residence above the freebie shop. Not sure what to do with the spaces above the other shops yet.

I'm happy with the setup,
Not bad for being back up for a few days(7 unique, 10 visits). I've also enabled Gloebit as a donation medium(items are still free). I may use this in the future to pay residents as I would really like to get a community of Furs going here. I also have an ad in the rentals area that I'm willing to bring stipulative full regions online for folks in the fandom or those that know me. I'll also be posting more photos around of Dragon Valley to update the old ones.

See ya on the flip side,
Dragon Valley's now back online using an Amazon EC2 instance. The sim is very much under construction but visitable. Avatar vendor's up for anyone who wants a Furry avatar but doesn't want to mess with mesh. Enjoy!

The dragon valley space station returns today! It's returned as non-canon federation starbase 555: The Dragon but you know, details :P

Had a conversation recently with fellow fur Blaze Shinray(owner of Fluffy Beach) about things and my constant flipping of themes came up. I didn't think it was that bad but apparently so, and since I keep gravitating back to the NorthStar comms, and the region in SL is heavily disjointed, AND have permission to use it(thus why I have it), that's the permanent theme for Dragon Valley. It's modeled after how the region was from 2006-2015/16.
Will be working on the memorial wall today so if anyone drops by and says hi, that's where I'll be. In the meantime I have 19 10x20 forever apartments for whoever wants em and their free w/unlimited prims. I'll also be putting up a suggestion box next to the donation box. The smallish beach area will eventually have a pool/beach setting while thar larger beach area will be for events and stuff. Might build a stage and stuff to do DJ sets, etc...
Updated the avatar vendor in the welcome center so now there's a fox, 2 huskys, 2 dragons, and a couple others. Might get around to doing some neko stuff, just not sure yet. It's all part of the process, believe me.
Morning everyone, how're we doing? I know no one's been around the valleys or up on white wolf in a while, I've been online and offline a lot dealing with stuff and helping an artist friend with her stuff. I've thought more and more lately of wanting to set up a smart npc that's highly interactive with visitors but to a degree I also feel that's faking it which is wrong. There's a lot of things I need to do with Dragon Valley still that should be done this week sometime(include finishing off the memorial wall and giving a renter the boot since they haven't been online/responsive in a month).

At one time I use to think the thing that would keep folks together in Open Sim would've been community - standing or sitting around talking like they do at Lbsa Plaza but I guess that sort of thinking bores people so they either leave altogether or go back to SL, both of which sadden me. I know I'm no saint with how I do things but I'll also write it how I see it.

Stay Frosty, Logan
Very exciting news! Furry hosting co. GekkoFyre's sponsored us with a Azuracast radio stream! This means the furry continent has a radio stream again, and also means I can delegate mount points since Azuracast uses icecast. That said, anyone who's a fur, neko, therian, otherkin, or brony that want to try their hand at DJing may msg me in world and I'll get ya set up for free. The station for the valleys is currently playing a mix of darkwave, can be heard in-world, or here

Such excitement ^_^
Have started work on converting the memorial center over to looking like the other buildings on the outside - inside will be something star trek-esque since the fandom and star trek have more of a meaning then the fandom and japan. The memorial center will be for those in the fandom that have passed for one reason or another.
95% of south dragon beach is open, there's still alot of media center stuff that's taking up space for now. I'd say taking a booth at OSG12B has been beneficial and while no one's grabbed a parcel or spoken to me about renting land, it has brough visitors.
Morning everyone, summer treating everyone good? Just a quick announcement that Dragon Valley has been changed around so it's more beach like(similar to how it was last year) with beaches on both sides of the welcome center. The south beach is under construction but the north beach is open to be used for whatever. Stay cool everyone, Logan
Afternoon everyone, how're we doing? Just a quick update that I've started a project i've been wanting to do for a very long time which was to help kick start a continent in osgrid for furs, nekos, otherkin, etc.. so I moved the valley sims next to white wolf. All public regions are open and explorable to any/all visitors no matter what they are, and if you have a region you'd like to join the project, message Logan Bamaisin.
Happy summer everyone - Dragon Valley for now is finished(I'll figure out what to do with the tarped-off area at some point) and started working on the memorial center on Drakes Void. This center will feature Japanese headstones, a registry, and eventually a shrine. Still trying to figure out how to do region crossings on the monorail also. For those that wish to remain anonymous with their money, I'm now accepting L$ as payment for regions and donations(this means right now a full region is L$2,500 for 60,000 prims). Not doing this to commercialize anything but give those looking at land and donations options other then USD to keep the wheels greased.

Stay cool everyone, Logan
Greets folks! Back on OSGrid where we're most definatly going to stay. With that out of the way, Dragon Valley is mostly finished and currently contains a welcome center, beach, two freebie shops, a church, hospital, theater, convention center, and beach club. The beach features themed greedy tables sprawled out including 5 greedy sauna rooms so you can relax while you play. The beach club hasn't been built yet nor has the gallery. The chuch needs pews, the medical center needs to be filled, the comic book shop needs content and I think something has to be done to make the convention center look lighter but dunno what.

Stay tuned for future updates and I'll see you in world,

Server is back up and we're off!

Logins have been disabled as the grid is updated, thanks for understanding everyone.

Seem's I've goofed on the amount of free land residents receive - they won't receive 9,000m2 w/15,000 prims - they'll receive 10,812m2 w/15,000 prims. I'm also working on a land project that will turn all the regions into islands with 4 parcels on them each so everyone can get that slide of beach-front property. I might also put a beacon on each region for ease of use, etc.. See ya on the valleys!
Greets everyone, have some news to share! First off, at the request of some of the grid's residents, the space station is staying where it is(something about it being a unique starting point). The screening room and arcade are also finished for the time being as is the warehouse freebie shop located on the 6th floor. My workshop is on the last floor and for those that want to visit while I work may do so. I've also done away with all the starter avatars on grid account creation and will replace with a generic outfit. This is so resident numbers aren't reported incorrectly and those that HG may bring them back to their own grid. I've also suspended all payments so grid residents will receive a free 9,000m2 parcel with 15,000 prims. If they choose to, they may rent a full 65,536m2 region with 60,000 prims for $10usd/mo or donate to the kiosk. Either way land stays free.

That being said, I am always looking at bringing Furs and Nekos and others here that want a peaceful no drama community where everyone gets along, no one pre-judges anyone, and actions speak louder then words. The space station does have a club on it however it needs a DJ and stream. I'm also looking for a scripter to help put together an in-world terminal for account creation/management so that the website isn't relied on so much.

I thank everyone who's stopped by the valleys thus far and those that have come over from OSGrid with me, it means alot.

Evening everyone! We're proud to announce that a doman was donated to us so we match everyone else! The HG address is grid.furvalleysos.com:1024, and while the website is mostly complete, it's still under construction. Website is https://furvalleysos.com
Thanks everyone! Logan
Morning everyone, just a quick update that when you TP into Dragon Valley now you'll end up in the space station instead of the island below. This will eventually change once other ground projects are finished. Also, the black bar you see when you TP in to is your teleporter to move between the levels. Enjoy ^_^
Evening folks just a quick update that we've moved the Warehouse to a warehouse-sized-space and will be working on replacing the staircase with a moving platform. Once that's done, visitors will then TP into the station instead of to the island down below. We'll also be starting a new project soon that will turn the main chunk of the valleys into an island, and anything ouside of that will hopefully become visitible by water and boat(something Logan pitched at the last meeting). We've also decided to set up a starter avatar system on account creation so members aren't Ruth or a cloud, however the downside is that nowhere on the grid will avatars be offered, only everything else.

Morning everyone, how're we doing? Every now and then I stop what i'm doing to reflect what's going on around me in terms of OpenSim, the grid, other grids, etc.. It's been nice that my more active members came over from OSGrid but the grid is still missing something. Yeah all 44+ valley regions are here but it doesn't feel like the valleys and I'm not 100% sure why. I'm not sure why I feel there's a void when there probably isn't, or why everything and everyone is disjointed when they probably aren't. Even when the valleys were in OSGrid it felt like something was missing, but not sure what. I could fill the grid with furs, nekos, humans, etc.. and the feeling would be the same.
Hey everyone, update that the space station is now 90% finished, is still visitable and is now situated at 3,005m instead of 4,000m. Currently the station has 13 floors including a freebie store, history center, screening room, library, arcade, club, and offices. Floors 4-12 are currently shut off as there's nothing on them, but floor 13 has my shop on it. The club will eventually require a DJ with a stream, and a PR team but that's not something I know how to handle(I build, run a grid, etc..) so that is open and will close whenever filled.

The library will eventualy be filled with stories, comics, and magazines about space. The arcade will also eventualy be filled with machines, and the screening room will utilize media on a prim but in a way where if anyone wants to watch TV or YouTube they can, but movies and select features be owner only. I may also experiment with setting up rooms people can grab so get the feeling of being in that type of enviroment. That said I believe it's the only station outside of Lani which is more colony.

Anyhow, happy weekend everyone,
Updated the space station on Dragon Valley so it looks more like space station. Alot of it is still under construction but the ship's store is there, doors work, etc.. Thanks for everyone that stops by, we appreciate it ^_^
Hey everyone, how're we doing? Dragon Valley is now an island that surrounds the welcome center, and there's an option to teleport 4000m in the sky to a space station! The station isn't 100% finished yet, however it's about 80% done. It's been textured, labeled, iris doors everywhere, teleporters, etc... Also reporting that a total of 18 people have signed up for membership for the valleys, have had 40+ visitors the past 30 days, and pushing 57 regions on a single ten-core server running Diva Distro v0.9.0 with no issue or lag. I find stats to be important especially in our case where we've only been up for a couple of weeks and we're gaining attention(I feel warm and fuzzy inside for some reason now). Anyhow, pictures will be following shortly.
Morning everyone, as of this moment the Fur Valleys are officially on it's own grid! We're running Diva Distro 0.9 on a single ten-core server and we've brought a total of 63 regions online. With this we also have a new pricing model to introduce to folks:

Full regions are still $10/mo however instead of a 45,000 prim cap, I've capped them at 60,000 prims now.
Half regions are now $5/mo for 30,000 prims
1/4 regions are now $2/mo for 15,000 prims
1/4 regions are also FREE for 5,000 prims

We're welcoming to every walk of life and a perfect solution if you run a club, farm, business, etc... and I'd wager that $10/mo for 60,000 prims is still the best deal for land in all of Opensim and Second Life. Interested? Take a walk over to our website at http://furvalleysos.tk sigh up, log in, and join the community!

NOTE: The signup form's a bit iffy at the moment(when you click submit, the form doesn't do anything but the account has been created so click it once, then go log in). Name is Avatar First and Last name. Nickname is for the website. Ignore the bottom fields as they'll be removed at some point(sent a ticket about it) and certain web account features will be prettied-up but yeah i'm excited to be in control of a grid and double excited to see what 2019 has in store for the valleys as a grid.

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Logan Bamaisin 2 years ago
Any Furs or Nekos from GCG that are looking for a home let me know and i'll clear some space away for you, even if it means bringing your region back online for you(you'll need oar files for that though). It's unfortunate what's happened to GCG and wish I could do more.
Chamilla Mocha 3 years ago
Welcome to a drama free environment! You can smell and feel peace...Check out the prices and prims, the best ones in OS!! There are also free parcels!! The Fur Valleys, a Grid where all virtual races are accepted...Don't believe me, come and check it out yourself!!