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HG HUB and central location to Hypergrid travelers, Sandbox and free housing and shops no tiers no taxes.

Beach view

No homeless in our grid!

New Lucky Chair and Money tree added

New Estate Office for Residents information

Free Area for all!!! new stuff added!

We welcome you to the new 92 Miles grid!!!!

Money tree!!! get free gloebits and gifts at the welcome area!, Money tree and Lucky chair now operational!, its raining gifts and money!!!

500 Gloebits for the grabs!!!, find the notes and get it refunded!!!! the hunt is on all the public REGIONS of the grid!
Explore and get rich!!!

You can get latest grid news awesome music and promote your region products, send messages to loved ones free!.

* For your region/parcel: http://protostar.shoutca.st:8169
* Winamp, iTunes https://protostar.shoutca.st/tunein/megaeast.pls
* Windows Media https://protostar.shoutca.st/tunein/megaeast.asx
* Real Player https://protostar.shoutca.st/tunein/megaeast.ram
* QuickTime https://protostar.shoutca.st/tunein/megaeast.qtl

Send your classified advertisements to 92milesgrid@gmail.com

Please note our new URL:

New Activities at the grid

Money Tree Added!
Where: Welcome
When: 1 years ago [26 Apr 2019 14:00 SLT]

Money Tree added for new residents enjoy Gloebits and have fun Welcome to the Grid!

Proud of your region/ house/parcel?. Confident?....lets see send your region, land, parcel picture and take part in the contest, first prize 500 Gloebits, second prize 250 !, and third 100 Gloebits. The best three chosen will also be displayed on grid website.

This contest is for Residents only, send your pictures from 6th May to 12th May to: 92milesgrid@gmail.com, with your name, Results will be announced on the 15th of May.

Good Luck!

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luca_astori I personally know the owner of the grid and I must say that he is doing a good job to improve the grid. I see how day by day he tries to make the place more pleasant.
Jadeonyx i love it
axeffect Very helpful, very kind people, accommodating and understanding

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Region Comments

Lucia Brachmann 11 months ago
why is 92 miles grid always so often and especially so long offline, the operators of megaeast seemingly do not really care about their grids
Sylvia-Koeln 11 months ago
Why you don`t ask the Grid-Owner?
Tomtom 1 years ago
IS 92 miles grid offline?..cant reach the Welcome area
Ehson Miles 1 years ago
Grid Maintenance and upgrade scheduled, the grid will go down in 30 minutes and will return after maintenance and upgrade, this should not take more than 80 minutes.
Please save your work as backup will be done as well. Thank you
Ehson Miles