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Residence 3 3 0 Users
Free Parcels for residents, 2500+ Prims 1/9 sim, first come first serve basis. 1 week absence and baron land revokes privileges.
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Cathedral 0 Users
Wonder of the opensim world a huge cathedral made of glass and beutifull archirecture, explore this huge magnificent, truly amazing
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Club 92 92 0 Users
Best Dj's, awsum sets, melodius songs, and vibrant music, music for all tastes.
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Resident-1 0 Users
Free 1/4 region with 7000 Prims full rights!, Grid residents requested to IM Mega East ASAP to grab it
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Welcome 0 Users
HG HUB and central location to Hypergrid travelers, Sandbox and free housing and shops no tiers no taxes.
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Beach view

Central Park of Residence 3

1/9 2500+ Prims free parcels, first come first serve, IM Grid owner or Manager to get allotted

No homeless in our grid!

New Lucky Chair and Money tree added

New Estate Office for Residents information

Free Area for all!!! new stuff added!

We welcome you to the new 92 Miles grid!!!!

Money tree!!! get free gloebits and gifts at the welcome area!, Money tree and Lucky chair now operational!, its raining gifts and money!!!

500 Gloebits for the grabs!!!, find the notes and get it refunded!!!! the hunt is on all the public REGIONS of the grid!
Explore and get rich!!!

You can get latest grid news awesome music and promote your region products, send messages to loved ones free!.

* For your region/parcel:
* Winamp, iTunes
* Windows Media
* Real Player
* QuickTime

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DJ Miles with live requests!
Where: Club 92
When: 3 years ago [2 Jun 2019 02:30 SLT]

All you favorite songs on request!, great playlist

Dj Ehson at the set

Please note our new URL:

New Activities at the grid

Money Tree Added!
Where: Welcome
When: 3 years ago [26 Apr 2019 14:00 SLT]

Money Tree added for new residents enjoy Gloebits and have fun Welcome to the Grid!

Today set by DJ Mega, Sploder distributed lots of Gloebits today, every one went happy!

Despite Streaming Issues, and dead air, there were happy times

Dj Mega
Where: Club 92
When: 3 years ago [14 May 2019 02:00 SLT]

Join for great music, Requests, enable and authorise Gloebits before the set starts as there will be sploder and lots of money falling!

Some great Songs with Dj Dana, perfect!!!

Another great fun packed Dj show!!! went awsum

DJ's & Hosts required for Club 92 @

Proud of your region/ house/parcel?. Confident?....lets see send your region, land, parcel picture and take part in the contest, first prize 500 Gloebits, second prize 250 !, and third 100 Gloebits. The best three chosen will also be displayed on grid website.

This contest is for Residents only, send your pictures from 6th May to 12th May to:, with your name, Results will be announced on the 15th of May.

Good Luck!

Awesome party tonight, Great Turnout

Today's Set by DJ Mega, good crowd, good music, good company, all good happened

DJ Mega
Where: Club 92
When: 3 years ago [16 Apr 2019 11:30 SLT]

Great songs Great company!

Second club open

Party going on!!!!!!!!
Where: Club 92
When: 3 years ago [4 Apr 2019 10:15 SLT]

Club 92 playing the pop songs today!!!! come join us

Yesterday session went well

DJ Mega
Where: Club 92
When: 3 years ago [18 Mar 2019 11:00 SLT]

80's to todays hits, requests welcome!