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Pandoras Box is BACK!
NO Child Avatars Please!! This Is An Adult Region
Please Leave Us A Comment If You visit, it Would Be Greatly Appreciated
After two grid changes and an expansion into a 2x2 your favorite hippy gig is back up and running.
Hookha Pipes. Llamas, Unicorns, Rainbows, Mushrooms, and all things smiley, When your tired of partying in the club you can wander the paths and waterways by foot, magic horseback or gondola to find the Hookha House, Tai Chi island, and tumbling waterfalls. Great photo ops everywhere including the Love Bug Beetle which is back by very popular demand.
DJ Keoni is home again! So come one come all to the best 60's venue on HG.
Event details will be posted on fb in HGluv Grid, HyperGrid Happenings, Keoni Darkstars page, the OpenSim webpage, OSGrid Music and Entertainment group and OSGrid Events

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Xanax 1 months
Very cute sim love the colors
martin.spiritor 2 months
Beutiful and enchanted region. Recommended highly to go to Pandora Box and be amaze!
Grishnak 3 months
I reckon this has been built by a dedicated Pothead Pixie who's best friends with the Furry Freak Bros. Wonderful, magical and very very well done. This is a must see!! Absolutely love it and I'm sure Im still stoned :)
VxxVenus 3 months
Stunning scenery and fantastic colors are in abundance a really peaceful place to visit and wander around .. great work i love it . x
RichieDarkstar 3 months
Pandoras never loses its magic... Supercool build Keoni xxx
Frankie 4 months
A psychedelic explosion of colour and music. Love and Peace lives over at Pandora's Box: make sure you go there soon!
Keoni 4 months
Thank You :)
BowenGardner 5 months
Great move, Congratulations on docking with HGLuv, Looking forward to the usual FANTASTIC gigs in your new setting.. Hugs ♥♥♥
I finally got to see it I couldn't before because I was on an older computer when it used to be elsewhere. Great Fantasy theme with a whole lotta glowy stuff *rubs eyes lols. But I love the atmospheric set up n stuff :)
Keoni 6 months
Thank You ♥♥♥
SamsaraTimeless 7 months
Yaaayyy Pandoras Box is back. Fantastic! Can't wait for the first set :)

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Very very cute region , whimsical with items I havent seen before, worth exploring, well done :)
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