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Ex GCG, previously had Hell's Gate Roadhouse on Exiled grid, now developing a region based on The Alchemist.

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Australians or those who love Australia _ WANTED
I am looking for a group of Australians or those who love Australia to be involved in a unique project on the Great Canadian Grid. It will be Aussie themed and I think very exciting. If you are interested please send me an IM or reply via here and I will get back to you. I will be in grid most evenings after Nov 12, (Aussie times). Looking for about 5/6 people, more is good as well :)
Krystal Moonstone@greatcanadiangrid.

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Vieux Sorcier

Beautiful, serene peaceful environment, ty for your work in providing this region. Well laid out and easy to move around. Many themes in one place that gives a multicultural feel :)


Wow oh Wow, extremely well laid out regions, beautifully landscaped and built. easy to use and great rez times, ty for your work :)


Beautifully built region, Zoe, well done. large, easy to navigate and see around. An absolute shopping pleasure :) ty for your wonderful work, Kx

Pandoras Box

Very very cute region , whimsical with items I havent seen before, worth exploring, well done :)


Great collection of steampunk items, love the creativity of edits to builds to make them unique, lots to see!


Amazing build! So much to see and so well put together, what an adventure!

Needful Things

Lovely region with lots of great quality items :) some unusual ones as well and the tram ride is such fun :)

Oceania Mer Gardens

So much to see, it is amazing! lovely areas everywhere, as for the Church. love that. and the gypsy wagons and the mers and the boats and the villagers...and ...LOL I could keep going, Do yourself a favour and go visit!

Daniken Estates

There is so much on these estates to see, collect and do. I attended the wedding of dani & liam at their chapel and wedding venue. Fantastic builds, great job. As for the stores, they are to die for!! High quality items - free as per opensim philosophy... thank you for the lovely estates, guys. :)

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