Free Life Auto Avenue

Free Life Auto Avenue
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It's a car lover's paradise featuring both classic and contemporary automobiles...all FREE! Every car is driveable. More free houses, too.

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Hot damn! Great place! was looking for a gas can found 1 or wait 2 :-) took a bit but found them.
Studio29 6 months
Great place, a must visit, thank you for being here.
RaylanGivens 11 months
Definitely the best place in Opensim to get cars. Even if some aren't scripted it's easy to add the scripts in yourself!
VictorDeAngelo 11 months
Thanks for the comment Raylan. One of my projects on the "to do" list is to script the rest of the static cars. About half of my over two hundred cars are scripted so I am working little by little to get them all done.
Tadhg 1 years
This mega sim, the building displays, roads and the extensive collection offered are outstanding! Thank you again, Victor DeAngelo for all your hard work and generosity. Bravo!!!
Elise_Dior 1 years
FREE CARS!!! OMG and so many...not a car person myself but so enjoyed just exploring this sim. It's definitely a must see.
Damien.Wilder 1 years
I spent more time in Vic's Auto Avenue than any region I have explored 'cause of all the very cool free car stuff. Not just cars, but all kinds of car related stuff too. Everyone has gotta check out this place.
Ashley.Love 1 years
yayyyy! victor does it again...totally awesome sim and so well done. its all free, too.

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I love to explore sims and I must say this is one of my favourite sims! It has everything and if you are a car lover...well there's only place to go. Thank you Victordeangelo for the amazing items!
I love classic cars... not to drive, but to look at and photograph them. Thank you for this incredible collection! My favorite - now looking for it in british racing green and signal red:
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