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Snoodle World
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2 years ago
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A Region full of prim build Houses, Castle, lots of Freebies, Tiki Area, Statues, Medieval, Zombies, Disco, naked bot's, Horror shop, Furniture shop, Podex, and so the list goes on, come visit us and be amazed, our other region is known as snoodle Mega world with larger houses and different items and of course in both worlds everything is Free from johnboy snoodle

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johnboy snoodle It's sad that scherzbold feels the need to moan about a free grid where EVERYTHING IS FREE and all help given to people if needed, nearly ALL grids have the means for people to get money to pay rent, or buy things in the Mall areas whilst everything else on the grid is FREE, makes me wonder what his...
james98 Ignore scherzbold its called freedom! If a grid wants a payment system they can have one, alot of grids even free grids use gloebits for land rentals cause yes servers cost real money i am getting sick of hearing these everything should be free complainers who think they own opensim and can tell oth...
Lori Great region, so many items, if not all are free. Nice houses, easy to get around and lots and lots of nice looking animals to get, if the farm thing is your scene. Well done region. ty

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Kylie Panthera 2 months ago
Snoodle World is gone that he did not want to renew region.
Susanna Valeska 9 months ago
Must be down. Have tried a few times, says not available.
latex boy-girl 1 years ago
hum why all is your creation when some are not
johnboy snoodle 1 years ago
Sorry people, yes it may have been a little difficult at times to reach the worlds but there was a good reason :-) snoodle world and snoodle megga world have now moved grids so you should not have any problems in reaching it now :-) the new grid now has a much larger layout and is also next to the Welcome Centre with many FREE items including clothes etc and also the sandbox so you can rez your new house or anything else out to check. Come join us and be part of our Family with a NO Drama life and regions with 20,000 prims to play with and all the help you may need. Look forward to seeing you and dont forget to say 'HI' if you see me :-)
SheriffDawn 1 years ago
I tried a few times to beam over to your region from OSgrid but I keep getting an error message that says "can't verify identity" not sure what the problem is unless your region is not set up properly for hypergrid activity :(
ZWonder 1 years ago
Fantastic! Thank you!
Lori 1 years ago
Excellent collection of items, 99% if not all are free. well done, great to wander and relax as well :)