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Shire of Wheatcliffe in Discovery Grid is looking for roleplayers. This is a 16th century Tudor-era region. We have openings for a farmer (Satyr farm), pastor for the church, shopkeepers, blacksmith, sheep farmer, and inn staff. Anyone interested please contact Gwendolyn Wheatcliffe.
Queen Elizabeth I is coming to Wheatcliffe for a royal visit and we will have a ball to celebrate. This will follow the hour-long IC roleplay to welcome her. The ball will an OOC event from 12 noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday May 9th. Music by Astoria Luminos. This is in Discovery Grid.

How do you find friends on this new site??? I don't see a way to search for people, only regions. Tyia.

Region list?

Who is in charge of looking at the list of regions here? There are many with "unknown" statuses that probably no longer exist and need to be removed. Tyia.