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Tudor-era region for learning about life in Tudor England. (not roleplaying at this time).
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Spring has sprung in the shire. All the cold is gone and the birds are singing. The trees are green and so is the grass. Come and explore and enjoy the town, the tavern, the bakery, the farms, the mountain lodge and fishing cottages, the winery, and St. Brendan's Church.

Arcfury: I must have been too busy to notice that a couple of months ago when the cold and winter had descended on your shire, for I would have liked to have seen that instead. I may have to wait another year... 4 months ago
The Duchess Susanna Valeska and Countess Breila Jenieve welcome you to explore merry 'ole (and sometimes not so merry) Tudor England. This revival region has been set up as an area to explore and learn about life in those times. We are currently in winter and snow gently falls all across the shire. Enjoy a warm drink in the Rose and Thorn. The library will eventually house much information of life in the time of the Tudors. St. Brendan's Church is available for services or weddings. You do not need to be in period clothing to come and explore. Enjoy!

CyberGlo CyberStar: I arrived during a blizzard... The village was empty of people. I stumbled out of the freezing cold into a bakery and freely took two plates of bread, feeling somewhat renewed by the warm fire, I we... 6 months ago

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