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A 16th century human-only region now open.
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Spring Dance at Shire of Wheatcliffe Feb 27th at noon with DJ Cataplexia Numbers. Please wear your roleplay outfits if you have them.


Spring has sprung in Wheatcliffe!


How do you find friends on this new site??? I don't see a way to search for people, only regions. Tyia.

We have just started a roleplay group in Discovery Grid. All region owners with a roleplay theme of any kind are invited to join as well as those experienced in roleplay and others who would like to learn about it. We will plan a meeting soon among the members to come up with some plans to bring more roleplay to DG and open sim as a whole. The group is open to join. Just go to Groups and look for DG Roleplay group and join, or IM me and I will add you.

Our beacon was apparently off for a few days, but it's back on now. We are still looking for roleplayers to join us and the Thorn and Rose Inn needs an innkeeper, so come check us out.

The winner of the Name the Inn contest is...Modee with The Thorn and Rose. Now to have an open house for the new inn. Details to follow.


Ophelia Maven of Brigantia as visiting cook for the Christmas banquet.


Winter has come to Wheatcliffe.

The Duchess Gwen and I would like to thank everyone who attended our event last night. Cataplexia Numbers helped make it special. At one time, we were listed as the #1 event going on!!! We are still recruiting for human-only roleplayers, so please stop by and join us!
The Shire of Wheatcliffe in Discovery Grid is proud to present our first annual Fall Ball on Thursday, Sept 19 from 2-4 p.m. grid time. Music will be provided by Cataplexia Numbers. So come celebrate the fall season with us. Formal wear required, either medieval/renaissance or modern.
A big thank you to Cataplexia Numbers for making our grand opening party a huge success. Thank you to all who stopped by from the various grids across the metaverse. Hope to see some of you join us in roleplay. All roles still open!!!

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