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We are a BDSM Oriented Grid.
18+ only!
Also you can find a lot of shops,a City,
Darkness Sim and many regions more.
Our Content is absolutely free. Our Fake Money is just for your entertainment.
Please note that all contents are uploaded by us. We dont have content that you can find in all other Grids.
That makes us different. Just the Meshbody shop has content from Sacrarium grid. Thanks to Oni Kiri and Wayda Dreamscape ;)
Our Partnergrid is Virtual Life @

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Wayda Dreamscape I'm have the most great privilege of being friend of Silver and there is something i can assure he works like a legion, he is one of the most precious Opensim assets Ty for your great work that serves so many now and so many more later!! Big Kiss ;)
Wendy I love this grid, really beautiful and well done. Many interesting things to discover. The only negative side is that we only have $ 1000 in virtual currency and there are so many great clothes to buy!
latex boy-girl grid is poor cost u to join group jsut to buy and cost to buy na no good at all

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In Opensim there are only 2 types of people the givers and the takers, those who give to take are takers too. Silver Mare is a GIVER there's no doubt about that!!!! Ty Hero for making opensim better place for everybody in all grids!!!!
Silver Mare 2 years ago
Ty Lyudmilla. You are one of the givers too. We all made it a much better place ;) But we should watchout for pirates in OS,that steal our hard work and give it away with theyr own names.They all should go to sl and bring OWN stuff here,than they all see how much work it is. And we can get MORE free stuff ;)
Captain_Hook 2 years ago
Hey Silver. I dunno what those ppl have! My friends and I love your Grid and the Virtual Money system a lot. Its fun to get money at your Letterchairs or while dancing at club. And your stuff is AMAZING. Dont Stop with it,you do the right thing. And fact is that all contents from other grids is for 0 and just your own contents are for virt money ;)
Silver Mare 2 years ago
Hey Captain. Yeah ty. I´m glad you like it.
Mike Hart 2 years ago
Please be aware if you buy here you will use your Gloebits.
Silver Mare 2 years ago
NO!!!!! We dont use real money. It´s just virtual money !!!
iekocatnap 2 years ago
Beautiful region and shops thank you to the owner