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We are a BDSM Oriented Grid.
18+ only!
Also you can find a lot of shops,a City,
Darkness Sim and many regions more.
Our Content is absolutely free. Our Fake Money is just for your entertainment.
Please note that all contents are uploaded by us. We dont have content that you can find in all other Grids.
That makes us different. Just the Meshbody shop has content from Sacrarium grid. Thanks to Oni Kiri and Wayda Dreamscape ;)
Our Partnergrid is Virtual Life @

Photos & Posts
We opened our Winterland. Come and vitit it and grab some nice Christmas gifts,or Outfits. Also you can use the skilift,ski,sledge and other attractions.
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Big Opening !!! We opened our new Halloween Sim. from October 1st, till November 1st. Come and get scared ;)
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2 years - 0 comments

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I'm have the most great privilege of being friend of Silver and there is something i can assure he works like a legion, he is one of the most precious Opensim assets Ty for your great work that serves so many now and so many more later!! Big Kiss ;)
I love this grid, really beautiful and well done. Many interesting things to discover. The only negative side is that we only have $ 1000 in virtual currency and there are so many great clothes to buy!
Die Besitzer dieses Grids, versuchen mittels eigener Währung zu verhindern das Produkte die sie anbieten, in anderen Grids angeboten werden. Von einer selbstlosen Weitergabe von Stuff kann also nicht die Rede sein. Vielmehr wollen sie damit User an ihr Grid binden. Ich denke nicht das dies Erfolg ha...
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