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6 years ago
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BDSM oriented Grid with a Dungeon and BDSM Skybox.
At Welcome you can find Shops with stuff you will like.
So just take a look around ;)

Our Region is opened for everyone!
Come and find all 30 Eggs!
Teleporter is at Welcome Easter Poster!
Happy hunting

KarinBecker: euch frohe ostern wünsche 2 months ago

We start a new Easter Egg Hunt at 28th march!
Mare - Grid & Moonrose - Grid !!!
Everyone is welcome to search for all the Easter Eggs!
You will find a Teleport Poster at Landing point, at 28th!!

Here is a new way to post Sims.
Take a look at it here:

Lone Wolf: Where do you get the terminal from? 7 months ago
Come to the birthday party for Darkwolf!
We will have special guests and mixed music for his birthday!!
We celebrate it in SL, so I will send a link to Facebook, there you can find the Taxi
to Second life.. Tell all your friends and lets surprise Darkwolf!!!
We start at 20 german time ( 11 SLT ).
Gleich um 20 Uhr gehts los!!!
Party auf der einzigartigen Römischen Region.
Gespielt werden Hits aus den 80ern und eure wünsche....
DJ Silver wird euch verwöhnen mit den besten Hits
und der Gastbeger Darkwolf stellt die tolle Locatin.
Also rein in eure Streitwägen und ab zur Party

Welcome to the "Back to the 80s" Party.
When : 8pm MEZ
Come over with your friends and lets Rock the 80s-90s

Come all over to a great party RIGHTNOW!!!!

New arrived!!
Visit our new Shop, made by Lulu Evergreen.
The first things are arrived at her new shop, so come and take a look.
Maybe you find something special for you.
Lulus Fashion is at our skymall at the 2nd floor
Have fun shopping
Come over and Play at the Slotmachine.
We have a new Contest Board system installed, powered by Dark Wolf!!!
After playing and reaching the points that needed, your name shows
up at the contest board. You can get a payout next day at 3 different Grids:
Just go to one of the Contest Boards and click the payout button. Than enjoy shopping with your win ;)
We are Back after a maintenance!
Our Grid was set up new, so your old Landmarks will no longer work!!!
Come over and Grab new ones and take a look at the Skymall
and explore our other Regions.
Have fun!

We have new Male Outfits for the
new Chonsu Body.
Come and grab your copy and / or
register for the Body.
You find it all at our Skymall.
(TP at landing point)

New Winterjacket arrived!
Stella Design update.
Grab yours at our Skymall.
(porter at landingpoint)
You will find it at the Fashion Shop!

Muri opened her DarkLove shop!
Finest Dark Clothes.
You find them at the skymall. (TP at Welcome)
Have fun shopping and exploring our
other stuff.

MuriMareDark: Darklove offers the finest dark clothing and some things for erotic moments... have fun and enjoy life :-) greetings Muri 2 years ago
Our new Wedding shop opened rightnow.
It is also at the skymall.
Just take a walk around and see our new stuff!
BTW you need warm clothes, its snowing at our Welcome ;)
Winterclothes are also at the Welcome !

Come and visit our new shop.
You find it at the skymall!!!!

NEW Tattoos arrived!!!!
You can find new BOM Tattoos at our skymall.
The Tattoos are most Unisex!
Just come to the Welcome and look for the Teleporters to the skymall.
One is at the landingpoint and at every side of the stairs is another one.
BTW we update the skymall as often we can.
Have fun shopping!!!

The Mare- Team

New shops at the Welcome in sky.
Come and grab our new stuff!
You find Teleporter at every 2nd shop around the welcome.
Happy shopping!!!

Tinapotira: NAO CONSIGO IR PRA ESSA REGIÃO 2 years ago

We opened our Winterland.
Come and vitit it and grab some nice
Christmas gifts,or Outfits.
Also you can use the skilift,ski,sledge and other attractions.

Big Opening !!!

We opened our new Halloween Sim.
from October 1st, till November 1st.
Come and get scared ;)

Public Viewing Germany _ South Korea
Where: Mare Welcome
When: 6 years ago [27 Jun 2018 15:30 SLT]

We invite you to our public viewing event.
We have lifestream for the game : Germany _ South Korea.
Also we have a playable Football Stadion..

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Wayda Dreamscape I'm have the most great privilege of being friend of Silver and there is something i can assure he works like a legion, he is one of the most precious Opensim assets Ty for your great work that serves so many now and so many more later!! Big Kiss ;)
Wendy I love this grid, really beautiful and well done. Many interesting things to discover. The only negative side is that we only have $ 1000 in virtual currency and there are so many great clothes to buy!
latex boy-girl grid is poor cost u to join group jsut to buy and cost to buy na no good at all