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IF TP DOES NOT WORK TRY Otterland.de:8002:Klamotto
Male & female Mesh clothing for regular and mesh avatars & Full Avatars & MeshBodies & Tattoos & Piercings & Skins & Beards & Jewellery & Shoes & Art & Sculptures

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Wayda Dreamscape This is the true Klamootto with no censorship and out of haters reach. Amazing sim everything full perms 100% Free and top mesh content mesh bodys mesh heads rigged mesh cloths and bento clean and very organized it's a LM you have to keep to be updated, Thank you so much Otto for makeing one of the ...
La Pucelle this is another sim that makes everybody happy and Otto the owner is so so helpfull this sim is very well organized Top destination all free too
Chickapea Joyjuice we are on to you http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2018/02/how-kitely-responded-to-infringing-content-rumors/

Region Comments

Region is up again in another Grid for now.
Grate Region for Shopping, Recomended :)
Ups, didn't know its online again
It seems the region has moved to other grid and it's not on Sacrarium anymore
It didn't move, it had to be shut down for technical reasons (many script errors) and will be replaced by a completely new shopping concept as soon as I have the time. Please visit https://opensimworld.com/hop/78282 or for the map: nextlife-world.de:8002:Meshclothing.
Not all items are available there, but most of them and some more outlets, for example Red Star Designs. Give it a try!
Awesome Sim Otto, great job. Thumbs up.. Only problem is I can't go there with my Zeta World avi. Had to us Dynamics. :( Some reason Sacraium don't like Zeta World.
Thank you for your feedback :)
Don't know if Zeta is banned there, but will find out.
Hello Otto ... I tried to go, the first time I got it, but I was logged off, but now I'm trying to go again and it always appears "No regions found with that name" any tips for me to be able to solve this? I really want to see and get several things FREE !! = D Thanks in advance !!
Any infringement complaint needs to be made by the original content creator, through official channels. So unless any of you WHINERS are the original creators and file a valid DMCA complaint, kindly STFU and go play on your own grid. Secondly, the DMCA can only apply and be enforced on AMERICAN grids.
Absolute agree with you.It is justly. We must stop this stupid witch hunt. "Show your evidence or GTF"- must be only law. I'm glad that people are finally beginning to understand that screaming without proof is a way to nowhere. All free people to whom democracy is dear should adhere to this principle or tomorrow you can be blamed and arrested in your home without evidences and trial. It is surprising that the Russian grid was the first how realize it. Dont give up.
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