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I put a Mer level in .... I finally found a good tail (merman) and a seperate ao thats better than the old ones, I found them here .. login.friends-grid.com:8002:Aquamica

Safinemahoe2: Thank you for the mention; I am so glad we could help you with your merman tail. Great looking build! 3 months ago

On the rocks .... looks down to the seabed

Once upon a time ... there was a story to be told. Erika looked up from her book startled by the noise. A sudden sinking feeling swept over her, she knew the day would come when the Pirate would finally find her. That day she feared was now! Dropping her book she raced to throw the bolt across the large Hungarian door.....

Brabbits: hold on! What? You found Erika? You nailed it? 3 months ago

Worlds End garden is the entry point to all the levels. The teleporter is easy to find.

+ EASTER BUNNY HUNT + Ok, this is just a Hunt ... There is just one Bunny, the one you see in the picture. The background is black so that his location is not given away in the picture. He can be easily found but you will have to go to different levels to find him, he's in one of the levels. The teleporter menu will show you the different theme levels. Whilst he is easy to find, its not that easy because you will have to explore in order to find him. (area search will not help you).

JustCurious: Do we get a copy of this cute bunny if we find it? 4 months ago

All levels open on the teleporter - The treasure hunt is under 'Temple'

Flying carpets!

The Lost Temple Treasure Hunt for all the Indiana Jones people out there.

Temple treasure mystery

Got my boat ready for Osgrid down time. I plan on heading into another grid for the week, either Zetaworld or AMV. I plan to live on my boat. What other great plans have people got? Is anybody getting a community going while its having the server changed? Come on get the boats out Zeta has a huge ocean.
Getting closer to Christmas, thinking of an old friend. We had a lot of fun racing these. Missing her laughter and personality. We all have some good times here, try and enjoy every moment because people don't last forever. She changed my life in a way she could never have imagined. Here's to old friends at Christmas!

After a lot of snow this week the trains have finally been fixed (sorry people I had the routing wrong). Spank the station master!

The train station has been temporarily closed, tourists have been getting in a muddle on boarding the train teleporters and sometimes without tickets, what can I say! (whispers, some of it is cultural). I have made a direct teleport to the North Pole for this weekend. You might like to bring the following, your skating ao, and add some dark sunglasses at home (rl) if you don't intend to switch to a midnight environment setting. The angel in the picture is easily found and you can get a nice copy of her by clicking her when you find her. I goes without saying, bring a coat and get a pat on the head before you travel.

Set the environment to Midnight at the North Pole .... if not then you better be wearing sunglasses ..... single click on polar express at the train station.

This weeks destination is.... ? Answers on a postcard .. Just click the Christmas train going North.

Trying out my Ice dance floor for impromptu dance parties .. come over if you are at a loose end right now!!

I put in another line, the Polar Express will take you to the winter dance hall, just click the Christmas looking Train, not the other train that is going to the Alps... if its all too cold and wet for you then the submarine will take you south to the beach. Sorry if people could not get here the other day the sim had a problem and was closed while we removed leaves on the line (its a British thing haha).
Ok so let's DANCE! The Grand Hall is now complete just in time for the festive season. I am not doing a DJ because I have a fantastic stream for dance so I don't need the complication. But a couple of dancers out front might be an idea if anybody wants to whip the party up. Drop in any time and give the floor a whirl and if people like it I will put some slots in on events when not much is going on.

A place in the mountains to just be! Complete with temple sounds, bring a coat haha!

The Train is still set to North, please allow some time for it to arrive, there are one or two delays today, the dragon is looking into it.

Today's train takes you North .... There is a gift for all travelers at the destination. For people who do not have any traveling skills, sat nav or google maps, here are the instructions. You arrive at the train station, the weather is not great today please bring a coat. You wait at the station, thats what you do at stations. When the train arrives, and it will, no hold ups on the line today. Click the train going North, please dont click the submarine thats going South! You will arrive at your destination, please exit the platform using the Northern Japanese gateway. The gift is easy to find, if you like it then please give me a like here and I just may do another train journey soon. Tickets please!

The Great Plain ... accessed by train ... work it out!

Trying to keep the summer feeling going...

Came to a stop ... ever get that hanging around feeling?

DJ Kat has a really good dance stream banging out right now .. and I mean good! Get a taxi here now ...

Well the nights are drawing in so lets have a little fun before we even get to halloween .... no screaming in the woods ..

made it ... looks round ... where is everybody ... oh! remembers its opensim .. I am so hungry, forgot to stop at the garage for a snack .. looks up at the house on the hill .. surely someone is at home ...

NineZero: I dig this sim! Looking forward to seeing it evolve. Great atmosphere! The nosier you are, the more you discover there. 10 months ago

I gotta get out of here ... Halloween is coming ... opensim is scary enough!

What the devil is that out there! ??