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Hi there, a refugee from sl. After 9 years I finally see the light. Love to landscape, sail, and party and MMF

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I like to build and dance and have fun! I notice Opensim are monetizing their site now. I expected it sooner or later, money back for their efforts. Sorry I wont be paying to upload pictures, I left sl for a reason.

My Interests

Interesting people and good music - I tend not to dine out in opensim -- the food sucks!

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oh oh a quote ... hmm

Music I Like

Trance -- Deep House -- Reggaeton

Films I Like

The Way

Books I Like

Ones that I can finish.

My Heroes

Chocolates I think

My Regions

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Captain Shadows Christmas Home
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Szep napot - a quiet place
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Winter dancing season is nearly here ....

Reindeer turned up a little early ...

Getting ready for the winter season -- Osgrid Christmas home

Sz├ęp napot

Morning people .. pushing out some chilliout streams ..Deep House

If you have to stand around somewhere looking vacant ... then at least make the view a nice one ... come over!!

-- The Cove Hotel -- Bring some furniture and take out a bedroom! If you are new to AMV and just want to check it out -- why not stay at the Cove Hotel -- Free!! High in the clouds above Shadows Cove -- IM me.

Captains Gun deck -- why not sink a passing ship -- Put that pirate outfit on! you know you want to!

'The Cove' dance area -- no blues no country -- Current stream Pro FM Dancey -- come and shake those pixels and bring a friend!

Social Tropical Garden -- Grab a coffee and come and relax and chat amongst the plants! Aiming to get a social corner running -- Just drop in, bring a friend and say hi!

Pink Beach Adult -- Shadows Cove -- AMV

Come and throw your pixels on the beach! Let's get this place rolling, there is a distinct lack of good beaches in opensim!

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Cant get to this at the moment with the HG link .. not sure why


Love it! When the music is pumping this is a good venue! Good atmosphere.

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