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Somewhere inside an italian server... in the gulf of Mexico .. roughly Offline

Hi there, a refugee from sl. After 9 years I finally see the light. Love to landscape, sail, and party and MMF

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Scurvy dog!

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Interesting people and good music - I tend not to dine out in opensim -- the food sucks!

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oh oh a quote ... hmm

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Sea Shanties

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The Way

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Ones that I can finish.

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Chocolates I think

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Virtual Paradise
3 0 Paradise 1 Users
Space Transit Vacation Location
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Good Ibor party going down NOW in OSgrid


Got this great idea for a movie set ....

CyberGlo CyberStar: I am at country’s bbq as I write this waiting on my food sipping unswept tea from a mason jar. This movie has been done before. It is called King Kong. 1 month ago

Garden Maze just opened ... its Amazing.. it's not that hard, just a bit of fun.. and a nice fountain to find ... Find your way to ext to other levels.

Rooftop dancing ... house, techno, trance .. drop in for a warm-up dance on the way out..

The fishing game is back again this time from a new virtual beach ... I will try to put new things to catch in the fishing server each day ... rod giver is on the beach.

Wife wanted her own virtual nude beach ... who am I to complain! Visitors welcome, no diving it too high up haha.

Just another virtual gym

Morning people .. pushing out some chilliout streams ..Deep House

If you have to stand around somewhere looking vacant ... then at least make the view a nice one ... come over!!

-- The Cove Hotel -- Bring some furniture and take out a bedroom! If you are new to AMV and just want to check it out -- why not stay at the Cove Hotel -- Free!! High in the clouds above Shadows Cove -- IM me.

Captains Gun deck -- why not sink a passing ship -- Put that pirate outfit on! you know you want to!

'The Cove' dance area -- no blues no country -- Current stream Pro FM Dancey -- come and shake those pixels and bring a friend!

Social Tropical Garden -- Grab a coffee and come and relax and chat amongst the plants! Aiming to get a social corner running -- Just drop in, bring a friend and say hi!

Pink Beach Adult -- Shadows Cove -- AMV

Come and throw your pixels on the beach! Let's get this place rolling, there is a distinct lack of good beaches in opensim!

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Amazing, well I am sure it will be if I ever get to see it. :P


Cant get to this at the moment with the HG link .. not sure why


Love it! When the music is pumping this is a good venue! Good atmosphere.

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