Amoa Nude Beach Swingers Resort Adult

Lilith 8 months ago
uma praia adoravel
adorable beach
Jupiter Rowland 9 months ago
Good advice: Come naked right away. If you aren't daring enough for that, come in swimwear, and when you're ready to strip down to cross the red ribbon, take it off.

For one, that'll save you from the hassle that 99% of all mesh body avatars have with holes in their bodies and having to go home to turn off the alpha cuts because their HUD doesn't work outside their home grid. Swimwear most probably won't need alpha cuts.

Besides, the little peninsula on which you land, the only place on the sim where you're allowed to wear clothes, is mostly gone. You land in water, shallow enough so your head will most likely stick out, but deep enough for you to end up with clothes soaked with sea water. Solution: Don't wear anything that isn't made to get wet.
Froot Loops 12 months ago
looks like a nice place I'd like to visit but I am one of the rare people that CAN read. so since it says humans only, this neko will stay away.
GlennXpletive 12 months ago
Aw well I am sure there are other beaches. and we cannot appeal to every person. But I am glad to hear that you think it's a nice place.
Freya 8 months ago
What she meant was your description says humans only which is understandable when it comes to say a horse, dog avatars etc but what about nekos? basically humans with cat-tail and ears?
GlennXpletive 8 months ago
I have seen some wear those cat ear things for their hair.
GlennXpletive 1 years ago
Added another bridge for joggers and to stop large boats from entering cove. Also added a NEW BATHHOUSE island.
Jasper 1 years ago
Very nice beach, great details and furniture. Seems to rezz very quick for me. Will come back and bring someone next time :)