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Moonrose a shopping experience of a special kind
we are diverse offer women as well as men clothes
Mesh body for women Arthemis as well as for men Chonsu body. We are always looking for new challenges. We are everything, but not simple

NEW 2 Outfits !!!!!

Chris Horn: push 11 months ago

New Fiona Suit !!!

Chris Horn: push 12 months ago

Tp at the Landing point of the mall
a small Selection of Clothes for Valentine

Chris Horn: push 1 years ago

Kimi Outfit

New Nitropanic Dress !!!!

New Outfits!!!!

New Face of Moonrose Shopping!!!

We are Back Online

Shopping Mall Offline for About 1 Hour

New!!!! Polly Sweater Xmas Edition (FatPack)

24 Türen sind zu öffnen hinter jedem ein Geschenk.
Auf der Einkaufsmeile stehen noch einige kleine Geschenkboxen. Wir eröffnen um Mitternacht den Adventskalender. Ihr könnt auch den Advents Kalender in der Germanworldgridmall finden. Für die Männer gibt es ein Kalender im

24 doors to open behind each one a gift. On the Shopping mile are still some small Gift boxes. We open at Midnight the Advent Calendar. You can also find the Advent Calendar in the Germanworldgridmall.For Male there is a Calendar at

NEW !!! Velvet Dress Fatpack

NEW !!! Celest Dress/ Boots Hud driven

New Drako Dress!!!!

We are Back

Mall Offline for about 1 Hour

New Dina Outfit !!!

New!!!! Latex Boots

NEW Lana Dress

NEW !!!! Elli Outfit

NEW Boots !!!

NEW !!!

New !!!

Halloween Sky!!!!
Teleport at Mall Landing Point

New !!!! Leather Pants

New!!! Sweater Dress Fatpack

New !!!! Augusta Dress

NEW Male Jumper

NEW @ Bodyshop Glitter Eyeliner

New!!! Jeans

New !!!! Boots

New Shilo Dress

New!!!! Puffer Jacket /w/Jeans/Top

NEW !!!! Outfit

New..... Daddys Girl Dress

War.... Face Tattoo New @ Body Shop

New@Bodyshop Taxi Liner

New !!!! Male Outfits

New !!!!....Pants and Bodysuit

Polly Pants

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Froot Loops just to visit this region you have to sign a backdoor TOS that states they collect personal information about the user. and no promise they won't share or sell your info once they have it, total violation of privacy in my opinion.
Woody Alles nur geklaut und permanent Alts und/oder NPC`s online, um die Traffic künstlich oben zu halten.
Ellen I can never find the new items you advertise.