Phantom Rose Nile

Phantom Rose Nile
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The Phantom Rose Nile Region (2x2) is an expanded version of my Phantom Rose Egyptian Adventure at 3RD Rock Grid (3RG). Whereas in 3RG, the Victoria Hotel is just a facade attached to an off sim bank of the Nile, here its a fully functional Hotel that you can visit and explore. There is so much to do here and explore.
It is 1898 Egypt. You have traveled very far to get here. Thomas Cook & Sons has grown its business to include Nile River Cruises, expeditions to the Pyramids and hotels along the Nile. Your boat has landed south of Cairo in a small village near the Pyramids. You can take a sail boat down the Nile (or swim, but beware of the crocodiles!), dance the night away in the romantic Midnight Oasis, shop til you drop at the markets, ride a camel in the desert, watch archeologists unearth the treasure of the desert, explore the inside of a mysterious Pyramid, stay in one of two Victorian Hotels, tour the farms and much more. There are lots of free legal items and some unique ones from Lannorra. There is a 24/7 Hunt, details in the landing area. There is a Mermaid area and you can swim on a dolphin back down the Nile. Reach most of the grid's regions under water via the Mer Portal. Legal freebies and unique gifts by Lannorra Sion and Tenshi Engel. (discord for grid voice:

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