Thirza Ember
What an amazing labor of love this region is. Well thought out and so pretty!

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TARA is open for anyone, sometimes the region put itself only for group but i don't know why, i do my best and you are all welcome :)

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This is my favourite place about these parts...The detail that the creator has put into is stunning. I spent a couple of hours there just roaming about happily. I confess I have read Gone WIth the WInd several times in its entirety and used to watch it with my beloved late auntie. For many years I watched it yearly. The first strains of Tara's Theme immediately bring tears to my eyes... a rare thing for me. I strongly recommend visiting it and don't worry if you are not a fan of the old south per se....its just lovely.

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Cayoun Daydreamer
whats that "you don't have access to this region" ? is it open for everyone or do i need a grouptag? what do this region at OSW if it is not public?

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