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Infinity has a little bit of everything for everyone.

We pride ourselves in being able to cater for most peoples tastes of music; we do this by having eclectic DJ;s and Live acts.

INFINITY and stands alone on its own island, Although the region is Adult and it is INFINITY'S policy that you have all private parts covered with some clothes..

Our guests will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, national origin, ethnicity, LGBTIQ+ status or religion, Any discussion or behavior of this type against another avi will not be tolerated, any drama in anyway will not be tolerated,
If this happens You Will Be Asked to LEAVE..

Under NO circumstance's will child avatars be tolerated.

Temp Closure of Club Infinity
Where: Infinity Isle
When: 4 days ago [23 May 2022 21:00 SLT]

To all our wonderful patrons,

It is with a very heavy heart that I have the undaunting task of announcing the closer for the foreseeable future of club infinity. The shops will still remain open, but the club will be closed as of today 23rd of May 2022.
This is only temporary, and we will be open again as soon as it is possible. So keep an eye open for updates on open sim , and of course the INFINITY group on Barefoot and Discord.

Thank you all for your wonderful support and backing.

Stevie Zee, the boi from nowhere.

Liam with SMOOTH
Where: Infinity Isle
When: 5 days ago [22 May 2022 12:15 SLT]

Where: Infinity Isle
When: 5 days ago [22 May 2022 13:45 SLT]

Where: Infinity Isle
When: 5 days ago [22 May 2022 11:15 SLT]

Where: Infinity Isle
When: 6 days ago [21 May 2022 11:45 SLT]

Khiron Amatza
Where: Infinity Isle
When: 12 days ago [15 May 2022 11:45 SLT]

Super LEATHER Saturday with DJ Suzan
Where: Infinity Isle
When: 13 days ago [14 May 2022 10:45 SLT]

Bored? Want something to do? Put on sexiest leather and join us at Infinity. The fabulous DJ Suzan will be spinning hot tunes for us starting now.

You can find us here... hop://

Infinity - home of the hottest DJs and friendliest guests!

Where: Infinity Isle
When: 26 days ago [1 May 2022 10:45 SLT]

Where: Infinity Isle
When: 27 days ago [30 Apr 2022 12:00 SLT]

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wicked Friendly and wonderful grid. Always very welcoming!
BeauMiddlebrook Nicest bunch of folks I've encountered recently. I'll be back often.
NancyMarie I come to Infinity every chance I get. The people are so friendly. The DJs and singers are also amazing. If I can log in on a weekend, I come to Infinity. Best party in virtual !

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GlennXpletive 1 month ago
Infinity rocks! It is one of the coolest clubs if you are looking for one! I highly recommend it.
NancyMarie 5 months ago
I had so much fun this weekend partying at Infinity! Thanks for the great music and for voting me Best in Boots for the second set!!!
Elise Dior 11 months ago
What fun! I love the various themed music events. Thank you for providing a wonderfully enjoyable venue to dance, listen to great music, and meet cool people.
StevieZee 11 months ago
Thank you, glad you enjoy it here ,