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HQ of Azonic and Power Media which has 38 regions dedicated to Artists and Our Avatar Music Company.

Hello there! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! just to answer some questions: we are not at this time being a "grid" we give some free regions away just to help, but our music company, gaming company, and our partners, as well as my academy and non profit is what we are using our servers for. It's a dedicated project. BUT we are renting STREAMS out on a very very fast server dedicated for $5 month if you need one, as i had to put in a bunch of my own, Masala Estates is hosting (Una). Also from Unadecal (Masala Estates) you can get:
2x2 Sim With 20000 Prims 6
3x3 Sim With 30000 Prims 8
4x4 Sim With 40000 Prims 10
Any size up to 10x10 with 50000 Prims 12
Pay for 5 months, get the 6th for free OR
FOR FULL SERVER HOSTING (with as many regions as you can eat)
Server Specs Price (USD)
Server Basic 4 cores 8GB RAM 200GB SSD - 200Mbit link 30
Server Advanced 6 cores 20GB RAM 1400GB HD - 1000Mbit link 40
Server Ultra 8 cores 30GB RAM 800GB SSD - 600Mbit link 60
Server Maxx 10 cores 60GB RAM 1600GB SSD - 1000Mbit link 100

WHAT IS THIS????????? LOLOLOL I very good at knowing alot about vintage items their use and year. AND 2 HOURS LATER I GIVE UP! Anyone know? lololol

Hi, I need some long term help on our: 1. Academy education regions 2. on our Entertainment Virtual regions 3. on our "film set regions" 4. all regions loolol Ive got to a point now where people can actually help and live. This is a "live" in thing. Although we are OSgrid we are like a mini grid with 50 4x4s and growing on a rented server (10 core, 60gig Ram, 1600G hd) more servers can be put on at any time, so have some space. You can get for free 1 4x4 region to start, after a month and you feel relaxed about staying with us and working these projects, more can be added for you. Ideal for someone who is an artist/musician who wants to live in an "art colony/education" like atmosphere. We have some free rental residents who look like they are staying which is fine. Very relaxed about that, they are good people. We also have 10 Artists that are part of our RL group, but they are newbies and cant build or anything. Would be great to add to the family one more experienced person besides me and Una lololol 39 are coming on next all newbies. I work with them, but if you like helping new people that would be great. Skills needed: Building or just decorating, definitely Terraforming, have excellent understanding of your viewer, can set groups and handle parcel and region settings. Great if your a scripter thats a bonus and im happy to increase exchange as thats a higher skill. We have 50 of the 4x4 connected by Ocean more to come so the sailing is enormous. lol mostly for others to enjoy. I build in Themes because the regions double as "film" sets for live broadcasting by Artists. There are 300 Artists on our label. all kinds of music. They don't really perform inworld most of them, they are doing RL music work. But they will be doing concerts and broadcast for live streaming. THE POWER OF GREEN ACADEMY is my baby. This non profit has operated for 41 years in RL and 9 years Virtual. Its free education both for inworld people and also for RL students from low income worldwide. each year we get around 15000 students at the moment, but that is increasing. I've recently gone into rebuild to accomodate more students on this platform. We also will be live recording and streaming from inwold with new software that works with this platform. Sooooooooooooo wow that is alot of words let me know if you would like to make a home here (totally ok if you have other homes) and I would be happy to help you anyway I can too. hugss Power
Little by little all our Artists are coming in from the music company. On Nov 28 is our pre launch party with special guest Rogue (cuz she rocks) and other live performances from the artists on our record label. There are surprises in store! We are doing two things for the first time ever in SL or OSG wooot. hugsss

Got the wagons and carts drivable. Almost finished with Western regions. Not quite there yet. hugsssss look forward to having guests at the Saloon.

building Studio One. will be doing live recording in here starting Nov 20 I cant wait meantime building 4. Ive never really built one in here like this, only in rl. Its fun :) chillin hugss

Finally got my office up. Its a beautiful day! Here are the tp boards and maps to the new Music Company regions. :) yay hugs

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