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Attention! you get banned the moment the "wotan" thinks hes god. Placing an event and then bann people by nothing but the way he likes or..dislikes your nose. Or..asumes things that never happened etc. Things like I know from friends in IM was: I dont care what you just dont fit the way I am..bann.. (Dont try to discuss with the one..words are turned around against you)

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Otto vonOtter
The Sim owner is a homophobic who thinks he can ban people because their outfits dont get olong with OTHER sim owners' parties, which they had months ago! I'm pissed, man, and this is really hard to make cute little namaste Otter pissed. However, one day the universe may bless you with love, brother! Namaste!

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Jimmy Olsen
Never ever been at that sim but giving 0 stars due how they treated my great and very clever friend OttovonOtter.

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Wotan Satanas
dearest friends and haters , if u behave on other sims like a prick and start trouble in local chats like otto did also ignoring the wishes of the gridowner , how to dress on a medival party ... u derseveed it . i dsont want trouble makers . at my place , and further , if i would hate gays plz explain why do i ve a gaybeach at my sim ? so all u get is a big laughter . just for u to know . even abraham lincoln said The size of a man is measured not by the number of his friends but by the number of his enemies!!!! so keep going. In addition, even bad advertising is advertising !!!! makes me quiet intressant !!!! liebe hasser sollte ich mitbekommen das ihr euch auf andren sims daneben benehmt sprich eure streitigkeiten im lokalen chat austragt , und damit anfangt habt ihr auf meiner sim nichts zusuchen und im übrigen sagte schon abraham lincoln : die grösse eines mannes misst man nicht an der anzahl seiner freunde sondern an der zahl seiner feinde also macht ruh...

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So eine tolle Party...... mit phantastischen Leuten............. Danke

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