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grand opening party of the bdsm island LIVE ur KINKS
Where: BDSM-Island
When: 2 years ago [30 Nov 2019 18:18 SLT]

0.00uhr (cet) 11.00 am slt opening party with DJane Sylvia.Koeln and Cayoun.Daydreamer im diner !!!! we got a splodder and more . lasst eure petticoats rocken und die hüften rollen .

rand opening OPENING PARTY
BDSM-Island germanworldgrid.info:8008:BDSM-Island
28 Nov 2019 19:58 SLT
two german djs will rock ur petticoats and hips at the diners . splodder and many places to explore
. dress less to impress!!
lets get kinky
zwei deutsche djs werden eure petticoats und hüften rocken

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dearest friends and haters , if u behave on other sims like a prick and start trouble in local chats like otto did also ignoring the wishes of the gridowner , how to dress on a medival party ... u derseveed it . i dsont want trouble makers . at my place , and further , if i would hate gays plz explain why do i ve a gaybeach at my sim ? so all u get is a big laughter . just for u to kno...

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