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GasWorks -- Located in the Speakeasy region. Tucked away in a small industrial burg. An escape from the daily grind, GasWorks is where we come to forget the hard parts of living. Get lost in the music of life - The Blues! Nothin' but Hot Workin' Blues.

Black Opal ~ Sister and special event venue for GasWorks ~ The Black Opal. Imagine a time back during prohibition, when finding a club to entertain your date involved secrecy, and discretion. You enter through an elegant false front, only to discover once you're in, the party is deeper inside. Men in their best suits, women in their sexiest gowns. The scent of fine wines, cigars and cocktails. A joint jumping with Southern Soul, naughty randy blues and R&B. Take your date in your arms, dance, exhale and relax because you've found it! And now you belong ~ At the Black Opal.

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BridgetRuby When I went to Gasworks I felt welcome. The people were friendly and the music was very much to my liking. Bacially blues but other genres at times. Its a cool place to hang out at. Congratulations BluLou and Rae,....and whoever else is involved in making Gasworks a nice place to go to...
(Unknown) Great Team that runs this place. Nice to see events going on during the daytime as well. Great atmosphere.
snowFlower I found GasWorks and boy I am glad I did, I went to their Halloween Party and it was off the hook!!!!! Nice people, fantastic music, I highly recommend it.

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Eldarwen Waffle 6 months ago
What a friendly place!
fantasia 6 months ago
A great Place to come and Enjoy the blues,dance, In a friendly town , with great DJ'S and owners, who welcome you with open arms. come and check it out , u sure to make great friends.