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Fae Farms
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3 Satyr Farms operating here. Wear the HUD and play the game.
Lots of pretty scenery, the quad cars are great fun for 4Wdriving.
A few little romantic spots, and yes most things are copyable.
WARNING: A graphically intense region, give things time to rez.
*** A Project in progress.

Photos & Posts
Midnight at Cottage Kitchen
3 months - 0 comments
I love my region in the darkest of nights
3 months - 0 comments
Roadworks are finished for now, all paths lead somewhere ...
9 months - 0 comments
1 years - 0 comments

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it said no region found :(
Hyon_JUN 1 months
Bonito lugar, ótimas paisagens! Super recomendo para quem curte natureza e um local sossegado!
EldarwenWaffle 2 months
She's the sweetest <3 and such a beautiful grid!
ElaineFae 3 months
Well, apparently others can tp in and out of my grid, its only me who cant. So give it a go :)
ElaineFae 3 months
Sorry to say that due to a new modem (which doesn't have NAT loopback), my grid will be inaccessible for an indefinite time. It does show online on this website, but until i can figure how to work around the NAT issue, (or buy another new modem) nobody can tp in and I can't tp out.
bebe 3 months
Lovely environment I enjoyed my visit very much
KatrinaNorth 4 months
Very nice place and super attractive hope mine comes out as nice as yours is.
Giu.. 5 months
Where do i get this farming system?
TootsyTilman 9 months
This is really, really beautiful. I love the hillside landscaping and the blended in SatyrFarm in particular ^^
ElaineFae 11 months
thanks everyone for the encouraging comments, and I sure will come and check out Southern Oasis and MistyH's farm :)
13535 11 months
So beautiful Elaine!! :) You are welcome to Southern Oasis anytime ~ we have very similar tastes! I really enjoyed my stay. Wonderful job - I will be back to visit often :D
JillianN 11 months
I love this. Elaine You have done a great JOB!!!
MistyH 12 months
such a well done sim and thank you for all the wonderful copy/export items. From one landscaper to another (and I've been on a block for a long time)...you created an inspiration! Thank you!
italianmeat 1 years
Loved the landscaping and the small details you put into creating your land and it entices a person to want to explore further into your creation. I also loved how you created your 3 farms so they were not together and to Thank You as well for opening up your land for others to enjoy and also for the beautiful freebies that you have all around your land. Keep up the great work !!!

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very beautifully made farm ...I love this theme ....I have a lot of material ...ready to share with you
Lovely Place
It's a very beautiful place. Great work and nice to walk around
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