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Skye ArtSpace
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A space housing art from all over the metaverse.

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Tadhg 3 months ago
SOO excited for this art exhibition! And honoured to be asked as one of the 1st exhibitors. DINKIFY! is coming... prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

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Art Fair Grand opening with Performance Artist Edison Rex !!
29 Jun 2019 10:00 am SLT
You met him at our Erotic Art Fair come see him again at the USG Art Fair! His blend of music and LexxTech particles will blow your mind!
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World Dominasjun Tuna Bandit brings us his music!
29 Jun 2019 12:00 pm SLT
Join us at the Utopia Skye Art Fair where the Tuna Bandit himself will be spinning tunes from all over the spectrum of genres!
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Rocking Old School & Alternative with Mike Chase!
29 Jun 2019 02:00 pm SLT
As part of our grand opening Mr Mike Chase will be rocking our world for two hours! Come on over, browse some art, dance with us and stay while :D
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E P I C sounds to celebrate Epic Art with Calliope Andel!
29 Jun 2019 04:00 pm SLT
Finishing up our days events in our Art Fest grand opening I will bring the fire and energy to keep us partying well into the night!
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Gertie brings us the good stuff!
30 Jun 2019 10:00 am SLT
Gertie brings us a very rich library of music and a very unique DJ style. Come on over and have some fun with us!
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the Indisputable King of Particle Lexx Moore w/Music by Calliope Andel!
30 Jun 2019 12:00 pm SLT
We finish the weekend of entertainment events as a grand opening to our art fair with lexx and his pawsome particles! From subtle to hard & fast Lexx always provides quality in his particles and the ...
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Gertie brings us the good stuff!
27 Jul 2019 12:00 pm SLT
Our closing events for the art fest include eclectic musics from Gertie Bumptious!
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