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Welcome to my paradise!! There is a Harbor, beautifuly landscaped Beaches, The beautiful Golden Dreams Ballroom, A lovely little shopping center with shops for rent, a Wharf and Piers where you can fish or walk with a friend! There is a clubhouse with Greedy and other game tables and a You Tube TV. Of course, there is the beautiful Wedding sim with it's outdoor ballroom and romantic views (set to sunset please!) IM me if you are interested in having your wedding here. At the mouth of the harbor, you will find driveable boats! Take them out but please stay in the water! Check out the historic Lighthouse, Boathouse, and Yacht Club! And coming soon is the fabulous Beach resort and Club. Watch for Summer events! Do come and explore and have fun!

Homes available for new residents!!

(This is also a residential region. If there is a house..that is someone's home. Please respect my resident's privacy and enjoy their landscapes but stay out of their homes :)

Thanks for visiting and kindly LIKE my region and leave a comment :) Thank you and hugs all around!!

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Hi Open Sim friends!!!! At this time of fear and uncertainty, we can all be assured that here, in Open Sim, we are all dedicated to making the next few weeks as joyful and calm as possible! Every grid in open sim has wonderful people who have fabulous parties as well as beautiful sims to explore!! Please do take the time to be especially nice to each other in open sim and real life as we all just try to get through this! We really should do that anyway, and hopefully, we all all learn from this that we are more alike than different!! On behalf of Kith Whitehawk at Rockin' the Blues and Hot Daddy's and myself, Harmony, I want you to know that we will continue to provide you with fabulous, happy music, laughter and friendship! You all need to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Hopefully I will get events going at Harmony Meadows too, altho it is always open for you!! I personally am here too and if you ever need someone to talk to, just holler!! Kith and I wish you happiness and good health! we are all in this together and we will get through it!!! Huggs all around!! HOP to WYLDWOOD BAYOU discoverygrid.net:8002:Wyldwood Bayou

Golden Dreams Ballroom is open :) Watch for events coming soon!

Thank you to everyone who came to visit the South Pole! I loved having you and being able to meet so many of you! Thank you for all your likes and comments!! The final Days of Harmony Meadows' "South Pole" Christmas are here :( Santa and his elves leave the sunny Island of the South Pole back to the cold and snow on February 1! You still have time to come shop in the freebie shops...wander through the vineyards and have the Elves' magical wine in the tasting room! Stroll over to the workshop and see the elves in action! Have dinner with Santa and Mrs. Clause at their vacation home! Take a ride in the vintage Impala Sleigh or take a horseback ride around the Island! Don't forget to stop in the bakery for some pastries or the Cantina for a cold drink and chips and salsa! Bring your sweetie to dance in the Plaza or other sweet spots around the Island. Did I mention Freebies??? I hope you enjoy my Christmas Gift to you and that you all have a very wonderful year until I see you again December 1, 2020!! Hugs all around!!
Hi! Harmony Meadows "South Pole Christmas" will be closing February 1 so that I can create different places for you to visit! Please come take a look before it goes POOOF! There is Santa's Vineyard with the lovely Wine Tasting room, the cantina where you can dance, play pool or have a bowl of chips and salsa! See the Elves workshop...they are already working hard for next Christmas! Lots of lovely places to dance here and don't forget to take your picture in the photo shop! (Send me a copy!) Freebies here too of course in cute shops! Menswear, Ladies custom fashions, The Hat Shop, the furniture store and more!! Come enjoy and let me know how you love it!! :) I have really enjoyed this build and hope you will too!! Hugs all around! :)

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(Unknown) Harmony Meadows adds charm to open sim and sharing with all of us! Harmony roll out the welcome mat :)
Malani Baller Ty you for all your hard work in open sim.
Piedmont Cartauld Was there twice already Harmony!!! Verde came this time~ she was impressed and we found more things to add to our winter sim too!! I love the spirit of this build! Great Job as always!

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