Harmony Meadows

Harmony Meadows
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Having issues with the landing point on my region. Please use HOP or this link to get to the Christmas Village. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience :)

Thank you to DJ Kith and my Discovery and Open Sim Friends for a wonderful kick-off party on Saturday! The tunes were incredible as always Kith and your smexy host and owner of Rockin' the Blues..well..she just Rocked!! Lol!

I am adding every day so please visit often! A Ballroom in in the works thanks to Gisela at Christmasparty Sim in Nextlife! Get out your pretty Christmas gowns and Tuxes for the formal event of the year!

Take your time to rezz and visit our specialty shops...Freebie Shop...take your Holiday pictures in the Photography Studio...take the Home Tour and lots More!!

Harmony Meadows is a lovely ocean themed residential region with a wonderful Seasonal Sim and lots to see and do. Wedding Venue open and planning services are available.

Please respect our residents privacy and don't enter their homes. Thank you!
Please leave your review, and if you like, share your pics with me so I can put them on the website! Thank you!!! :)

(A very special Thank you to Oni Kiri and the Foundation Grid, The Sacrarium Grid, Ethan Mesherman of Grainger Village on Foundation, Gord and Sheila from Southern Oasis and sooooo many more wonderful, generous and beautiful people and Christmas Sims for the inspiration that made this village possible)

Extra special thanks to Espie and Pixie for your help and expertise and for putting up with me through endless shopping trips! I love you!

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italianmeat yesterday
Beautiful Christmas themed land and lots of wonderful freebies too :)
JillianQuintessa 2 days ago
This is such a cute holiday village. There is a great freebie shop too.

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