Harmony Meadows

Harmony Meadows
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Welcome everyone! I am excited to bring you a sunnier, warmer version of Christmas...Harmony style!! Well, not everyone has snow in winter, now do they!! I hope you will come visit my Christmas sim for exploring, dancing, wine tasting, Freebie shopping and more!! The usual cast of characters will be there waiting to welcome you! Please forgive any lag and take time to rezz! There is a LOT here and I hope you enjoy all of it!! Thank you for visiting! Huge hugs to everyone!! Merry Christmas!!

The Region is open! There is a Harbor, beautifuly landscaped Beaches, A lovely little shopping center with shops for rent, a Wharf and Piers where you can fish or walk with a friend! There is a clubhouse with Greedy and other game tables and a You Tube TV. Of course, there is the beautiful Wedding sim with it's outdoor ballroom and romantic views (set to sunset please!) IM me if you are interested in having your wedding here. At the mouth of the harbor, you will find driveable boats! Take them out but please stay in the water! Check out the historic Lighthouse, Boathouse, and Yacht Club! And coming soon is the fabulous Beach resort and Club. Watch for Summer events! Do come and explore and have fun!

Homes available for new residents!!

(This is also a residential region. If there is a house..that is someone's home. Please respect my resident's privacy and enjoy their landscapes but stay out of their homes :)

Thanks for visiting and kindly LIKE my region and leave a comment :) Thank you and hugs all around!!


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