Free Life Eloquent Estates

Free Life Eloquent Estates
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Victor DeAngelo
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1 years ago
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No need to pass up these 25-plus eloquent homes when you can have them for FREE! Crates are inside with the complete contents included. Caring is sharing!


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Damien.Wilder Have never seen so many free-for-the-taking houses laid out like a cool modern Oceanside community

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Zoe Synclair 10 months ago
I spent all morning there today, I could have stayed all day if it wasn't for RL. Great sim with lots of excellent free houses, fountains etc. A must for home hunters.
Zoe Burke 10 months ago
Fantastic place where you can find everything from whatever any avatar needs, as well as for your home, and a huge choice of homes.
All free and full perms. Congratulations Victor!
Damien.Wilder 1 years ago
FREE houses...a whole large sim full of them and laid out like a realistic looking ritzy neighborhood...way to go Victor!
Ashley.Love 1 years ago
The many houses are not only free but all of the components are included in the boxes just inside each house. Awesome!
Tonya 1 years ago
I love coming here to get things. But I have notices your boxes in your homes will not let you take copies. There is few things I would have loved to have got and cant. But lovely land. All your grids are amazing. And love the free content.
Victor DeAngelo 1 years ago
Thank you, Tonya, for letting me know about the crates containing the houses and their components that you were not able to copy. I went through each of the houses and double-checked to make sure all of them could be copied. If you visit again and something just won't copy for you, please let me know which item and I will definitely fix it.
Elise Dior 1 years ago
Totally awesome place filled with all kinds of free goodies...the homes are all corrected and even have doors and docks and stuff that match. Wow!
Wendy France 1 years ago
'amazing as always