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**Centro commerciale Freedom,ispirato all' Outlet di Serravalle.
Sempre in aggiornamento con nuove sezioni e oggetti.
**Freedom shopping center, inspired by the Serravalle Outlet.
Always updating with new sections and objects.
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LaviaLavine So far as I can see this is a very nice place with many nice items, unfortunately it seems to be suffering the same issues as many other of the grids in open sim, this is why I reserve overbearing judgement, because I know what that's like. Good show!
OpenSimUser THIS PLACE SUCKS Unless you use an old, outdated viewer, you cannot visit. Pathetic, if you are seriously concerned about copybots, it can still happen. I would NOT recommend this grid to ANYONE. AVOID at all cost.
wicked I saw the grid was online and I got so excited! I was so happy to be able to visit again and go explore. Got there with no issues at all. So, happy right now! Looks a little different but I still like it. Harder to get lost , this time :) <3 <3 <3 - Omgosh ! Great mens sections .. as well as wo...

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StevieZee 9 months ago
so glad your back, its great and better than ever, had a great time today thank you,
Rudi Bakerly 9 months ago
Glad to see you back. This mall is one of the most beautifull malls in opensim. Hope you stay open now for all viewers, so we can enjoy your amazing mall for a long time
Dan 2 years ago
6.0.2 is old and 6.3.9 crashes too much. The beta is much more stable and is what many are using.. Why would you go to all the extra effort to limit viewers to 2 versions anyway?
Monica 2 years ago
Beta versions are trial versions, they may contain bugs and problems, better the safe and final versions.
Monica 2 years ago
The version 6.0.2 and version 6.3.9 they work perfectly.Current version for Open Simulator:
Monica 2 years ago
Current version for Open Simulator:
Monica 2 years ago
The version 6.0.2 and version 6.3.9 they work perfectly.You can keep both versions installed if you want, so you can always enter in any case. I myself have two versions of Firestorm installed. I don't see any big problems :-)