So far as I can see this is a very nice place with many nice items, unfortunately it seems to be suffering the same issues as many other of the grids in open sim, this is why I reserve overbearing judgement, because I know what that's like. Good show!

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Unless you use an old, outdated viewer, you cannot visit.
Pathetic, if you are seriously concerned about copybots, it can still happen.
I would NOT recommend this grid to ANYONE.
AVOID at all cost.

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I have no idea what people are whinging about! This region is lovely, well set out and the items are just beautiful! Thank you for letting us visit and enjoy the items and beautiful layout. Well done!

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I saw the grid was online and I got so excited! I was so happy to be able to visit again and go explore. Got there with no issues at all. So, happy right now! Looks a little different but I still like it. Harder to get lost , this time :) <3 <3 <3 - Omgosh ! Great mens sections .. as well as womens but .. good mens items. Everything I can think of just like last time but better. You rock!!!

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Firestorm-Betax64"Teleport failed. Denied access to private region CMFreedom : You do not have access to that region" Really do not understand why people list regions on for people to visit and then set them to private - Is it a public region or private? If it's private shouldn't be listed here...

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Dante Nightfall
I don't get why you would advertise this region if it's private. LOL

And why FS viewer is not allowed. News Flash - everything is copybotted out here on OS and probably even stuff in your stores unless of course you made everything yourself. lol!

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Realmente nao ta indo nem com fire 205 ou o beta 799 regiĆ£o fechada

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Forces users to run outdated version of Firestorm 6.0.2 to enter :thumbs down:

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