So far as I can see this is a very nice place with many nice items, unfortunately it seems to be suffering the same issues as many other of the grids in open sim, this is why I reserve overbearing judgement, because I know what that's like. Good show!

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Unless you use an old, outdated viewer, you cannot visit.
Pathetic, if you are seriously concerned about copybots, it can still happen.
I would NOT recommend this grid to ANYONE.
AVOID at all cost.

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I saw the grid was online and I got so excited! I was so happy to be able to visit again and go explore. Got there with no issues at all. So, happy right now! Looks a little different but I still like it. Harder to get lost , this time :) <3 <3 <3 - Omgosh ! Great mens sections .. as well as womens but .. good mens items. Everything I can think of just like last time but better. You rock!!!

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Firestorm-Betax64"Teleport failed. Denied access to private region CMFreedom : You do not have access to that region" Really do not understand why people list regions on for people to visit and then set them to private - Is it a public region or private? If it's private shouldn't be listed here...

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Dante Nightfall
I don't get why you would advertise this region if it's private. LOL

And why FS viewer is not allowed. News Flash - everything is copybotted out here on OS and probably even stuff in your stores unless of course you made everything yourself. lol!

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Realmente nao ta indo nem com fire 205 ou o beta 799 região fechada

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Forces users to run outdated version of Firestorm 6.0.2 to enter :thumbs down:

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