Nymph-Welcome Adult


Beautiful Sim and a wonderful kind Sim owner. If you want to visit a sim where you feel at home and relaxed this is definitely the place to visit. Everything is perfect and it all feels so natural

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When you land at Nymph you are immediately surrounded by the natural gardens and forests with amazing detail! I could spend hours enjoying this area! The other half of this is a shopping city! Just type in OCEANID in world map and you are there....and everything is FREE! Many different stores.....all in a detailed and creative city layout. Zoe , the sim owner, is super kind and helpful! I will be coming back often!

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My sweetie Zoe ...i can only apologize i did not visit your great region earlier ....you have done an amazing job building your city and you have a great content selection in your stores I only missed a corner of Nymphs dancing with Artemis, and this is Just because of my Greek origin and your region name :-* Great place !!! Zoe is a well known polite and always available hostess and is kind of pleonasm to compliment her But who cares about pleonasm when it comes to Zoe :) Love you my friend :-* Keep building this great region !!!

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Lyudmila Pavlichenko
No money no pressure just love and all comes so much better i know that feeling Zoe ;-) Big kiss and TY :-)))) 5 Stars! 7 if i could!!!

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Krystal Moon
Beautifully built region, Zoe, well done. large, easy to navigate and see around. An absolute shopping pleasure :) ty for your wonderful work, Kx

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Felix Mafia
Amazing work

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