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The name of the region is KITSILANO ! Wigan Pier at Kitsilano is a cross between Northern England and the West Coast of Canada
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check out the houseofprog stream http://canada1.reliastream.com:8888/stream

for some reason this web site keeps listing Kitsilano with some other name alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Kitsilano is the right link

DJ IAN goes live with his original tunes on the AMV
Where: Kitsilano
When: 27 days ago [18 Sep 2021 12:00 SLT]

A change of gears DJ IAN will grab his guitar and sing you a few of his original tunes. Inspired by Curtis Mayfield, Paul Weller and Charles Bradley, expect a soulful, funky vibe with some funky guitar work [DJ IAN is from Wigan and now lives in Vancouver] hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002:Kitsilano

Originally known as The Empress Ballroom built in the 1890's The Wigan Casino was a nightclub in Wigan, England. Operating between 1973 and 1981,[1] it became known as a primary venue for Northern soul music. It carried forward the legacy created by clubs such as the Twisted Wheel in Manchester, the Chateau Impney (Droitwich), the Catacombs (Wolverhampton) and the Golden Torch (Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent). It remains one of the most famous clubs in Northern England.[2] In 1978, the American music magazine Billboard voted Wigan Casino "The Best Disco in the World", ahead of New York's Studio 54.[3]

This England, a TV documentary about the Wigan Casino, was filmed in 1977. Russ Winstanley and Dave Nowell wrote a history of the club, Soul Survivors, The Wigan Casino Story, which was published in 1996. A stage play by Mick Martin about the Wigan Casino years, Once upon a time in Wigan, debuted in February 2003 at the Contact Theatre in Manchester and has since toured nationally.

The building was destroyed by fire in 1981 and replaced by a shopping mall some years later after Roman ruins were found close by.

The Virtual version of the Casino is built from the ashes of its RL original complete with on stage piano, ruined walls and dancefloor - yet the music survives and DJ IAN [from Wigan] attempts to keep that flame alive.

The Wigan Exhibition - all of March 2021
Where: Kitsilano
When: 8 months ago [2 Mar 2021 00:00 SLT]

An exhibit of Wigan related photos from over the centuries; from early industrialisation to modern day. A look back at how it was at the peak of the industrial revolution and how people from the town sought entertainment and relief from the long hours and a 6 day work week

DJ IAN Kitsilano at Rockpalast on AMV
Where: Kitsilano
When: 26 days ago [19 Sep 2021 12:00 SLT]

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Nordharz/191/138/23 rockin' the Rockpalast DJ IAN will play live some of his original rock tunes 12-1pm then rock you out with a 60 minute DJ set 1-2pm

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The Pier World

could not get there OCtober 7 9pm


excellent place to be - very well laid out and Zoe is lovely and friendly

Isle of Nara

unfriendly - booted me with less than 5 mins just for looking at stuff


beautiful Japanese themed island

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