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We are setting up GMinteractive Resort as a place you can come and hangout to meet new friends.
Throughout this Resort Region our TP's make Discovering easier.
Colorado Glasswing and I are working daily to bring to life a place for fun and laughter.

We believe GMinteractive Resort is a place where:
1) YOU can be in Harmony with others.
2) YOU can dance and meet new people at BIG BLUE.
3) YOU can Breathe and swim at Breathe Beach with water toys.
4) YOU can learn new tricks as you Ice or Roller skate.
5) YOU can dance, eat, and relax with friends at HARMONY AUTOMAT.

Please look at my PICKS for more.

From the Owners of GMinteractive Resort,
GMinteractive Resident
Colorado Glasswing

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Met the owners minutes after they set up their beacon! They were very friendly and had to show my friend and myself around their place. Is so very much to do there you could never get bored. They had some really cool and unique items! Thank you so very much GM and Colorado for your outstanding hospitality in showing us around your place! They have put tons of work into their build and it is just amazing! You just have to go visit this place!!
GMinteractive 1 years
Just Listed ... 6-23-2018
We are still setting up but you are WELCOME to come to take a peek.
Please use the Quick TP MENU for easy roaming.
Thanks, GMinteractive

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Love this region. Lots of great stuff to see and do
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