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Golden River
I love this site and I hope to come back soon everything is great and the owner is a very good person and updated daily! Run !!

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oopsee Joseppe
This is the place !!! Can see it is growing with excellent builds and content ... sure to be very popular !!!!

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Wykd One
Love it!! It Is Beautiful :)

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Bonnei Bebb
Amazing items on this region and free. Met the owner who is kind and basically gave me a building lesson. lol She was so patient and so very kind. Love meeting people like this on opensim. SHARING IS CARING is so true with Intrepid. Awesome place and owner. :)

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Jania Cleanslate
Beautiful Region, Wonderful owner(s), Love the spirit of giving on this region!

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Lalo Montesco
Simplemente impresionante.

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Greetings, unfortunately, you are the owner of this region and puts a flag of Brazil to show that Brazilians are not welcome on their land, I have to tell you the following:

1-your attitude is considered crimeminosa to the laws of your country and brasieiras laws, i.e. you make against the Brazilian people vilifying injuria us

2-If you have something against some Brazilian grid mention the name and not use our flag for specific grid generalizaralgum is man/woman and honor that shows what you are. I was owner of grids in OpenSim and never discriminated against people of any other country all were welcome.

Logan Hunter

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One of the best places to find the new creations for OpenSim. Hip! Hip! Hurrah!

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I would dearly love to say this is a great place but the fascists that run it indiscriminately ban people from all grids with no reasons given and they make a mockery of the idea that sharing is caring. Petty minded individuals with God delusions who are as far from original as you can get. It doesn't even bother me that a lot of their stuff is ripped off from other creators in other grids, its simply the fact they are discriminatory and seemingly based on no more than a whim or an assumption that one of their unkown rules have been broken, and as such they are in my opinion just a bunch of hypocritical liers and cheats. Besides there are more places on the OS Grids offering exactly the same as they do without the Drama that the administrators of this Grid invent to satisfy their desires to play God. The most Ignorant Grid management I have ever had the dubious pleasure of being ignored by. (in retrospect, probably a good thing and the only good thing about this group).

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