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I am manager of Aviworlds Grid, I am always available to meet new players.

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Beach Bums
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Beach Bums is an entertainment island exclusively for adult players where everything is allowed as long as there is respect among the players, it is not a nudist island specifically, but it is allowed. The island is restricted to members of the ALOHA group in which all Opensim grid players are invit...
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Camp Anchor Beach
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Destined to parties and Shopping Center for OpenSim players. All free. Players from all Opensim grids are welcome.
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Point Lookout
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Venue for parties and events choosing the player with area for fun of all without exception, except under eighteen years old, for being an adult classified region we take that care.
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Start Trek
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Region dedicated to the fans of the films and series of Star treks from its beginning in 1966
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Point Lookout
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Adachi Mall

Hello Oni, we are abandoned by you, the Aviworlds Grid is not allowed to enter Adachi, we are even friends you have helped me a lot in Adachi guiding me where to find some things. So my friend we are unable to visit Adachi and I made their products, it is a pity, because we miss their news. Oni Hug Logan Hunter/Aviworlds Grid

The Conglomerate

Greetings, unfortunately, you are the owner of this region and puts a flag of Brazil to show that Brazilians are not welcome on their land, I have to tell you the following: 1-your attitude is considered crimeminosa to the laws of your country and brasieiras laws, i.e. you make against the Brazilian people vilifying injuria us 2-If you have something against some Brazilian grid mention the n...

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