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The Conglomerate
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This sim is under construction. The sim mission is to serve ALL Opensim Grids and Users providing MASS DISTRIBUTION of NEW resources and content to expand builders creativity. Everything is and will be FREE and full perms, take a copy or buy for zero. Under Construction - No Drama Sim, No Sex, No discrimination - Zero Tolerance.

Rules for animals:
Not saying Hi in chat Range = Kick
Offering friendship without previous chat = Ban

We are friendly, we love you, we hope you enjoy your visit - Thank You!

Photos & Posts
Athena Fantasy Skin Appliers March 2019 Update now FREE available to all Opensim Metaverse, Enjoy!!!
11 days ago - 1 comments
March 2019 Skin Appliers for Athena now Free Available to all Opensim grids, Enjoy!!! :-)
11 days ago - 0 comments
Mercedes SLS 6.3 AMG V2.0 ubODE and Bullet Physics in 7 new flavors now full perms and free available for all Hypergrid :-)
28 days ago - 0 comments
Diamond Gallery ATM in foundation grid is now updated with container 20190109 Enjoy :-) Gallery
2 months ago - 0 comments

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I love this site and I hope to come back soon everything is great and the owner is a very good person and updated daily! Run !!
as always the impression!!!!
This is the place !!! Can see it is growing with excellent builds and content ... sure to be very popular !!!!
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