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Sacrarium Wild Fire Wild Fire 0 Users
Welcome to Sacrarium Wild Fire a club where you can share your music with everyone
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The Furniture River Furniture River 0 Users
Welcome to a region where you can find decoration and furniture for your home and garden. Do not miss it !!!
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Golden River River 0 Users
Welcome to all The Golden River, where you can find fabulous shops, man and woman, beautiful landscapes where you can spend a pleasant time and a fabulous nightclub, you are invited to visit us and enjoy this region
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New Avatar minotauro Female !! and New Clothing male - Female Avatar minotauro !!

Upgrade Avatar - Hud alpha and eyes,honrs.

DANCE SHOW Wild Fire Sacrarium
Welcome to the show party The Incredibles Saturday 22 May at 13.00 SLT We invite everyone to relax,
fun to chat in a pleasant company
and listen to great music Dj Stereo Wild Fire

Radio Sacrarium !!
Update Reez Version V2.0 !!
Now you can place the house where you want and anywhere and move it without the problems it had before.
New House update Reez Version V2.0 !!

hello everyone I'm finishing working on a new hud version of each furry avatar will have new functions such as alpha and eye colors !

New men's clothing pack with hud included !!

New articles in The Golden River ... Don't miss them

Birthday Ya MaHa and Aven Mir
29 November -12 : 00 SLT
We are in a hurry to invite you to Ya Maha and Aven Mir
birthday. We want to celebrate this holiday in an atmosphere of kindness, joy and fun. Wild Fire

New zone avatars !!

Hello New Avatar [Male Dragon Quadrupe]

The new four-legged Dragon avatar is now available, if you have any questions you can use the box of restraints and I will read the problems A greeting, For next week the same avatar will be but a Female! Thank you

New Content in the river furniture! Thanks to my daughter

Hello guys new mens clothes hope you like it! we will have more clothes soon!

New Products Thanks to Amber my daughter !!

The rabbit avatar is now available!

Festival Beer Party --> 14 december 2019
Sacrarium Wild Fire !! 14:00 SLT !!

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good place to have a good time and meet new friends and always updated runs to what you expect !! and the owner a good friend and friend of all!

The Conglomerate

I love this site and I hope to come back soon everything is great and the owner is a very good person and updated daily! Run !!

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