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Welcome area of Party Destination Grid.
Enjoy your stay.
We have seasonal events, shops and all sorts of activities to be enjoyed !

Halloween Party @ Glamour place
Where: Delos
When: 2 years ago [16 Oct 2021 20:00 SLT]

Party Destination Grid invites you to halloween party at Glamour Isle Welcome Center land.
Party will start at 10:00AM SLT or 7:00 PM EU time.
Music will roll Dj Sked and your host will be Niki.
So visit us and have fun on music you want.
Sploders will be full all the time so don't wait too long and join us.
We have everything to get you in the great spirit!

Party is still runing so everyone join us to get your body starting to dance with us.

Everyone are welcome at Party Destination Grid.
At our welcome area you will fimd many great free items and quilty creations.
So dont wait and come to visit us.
Our limo: Isle Welcome Center

Come and get free items. Here you can find many great creations for yourself.

Visit our motorcycle shop at Glamour Welcome area.
Akrie is great creator who can show you all creations he make.

New Welcome Area. Come and get new creations.
You will find it at Glamour Isle Welcome Center.

Party @ Glamour Welcome Isle
Where: Delos
When: 4 years ago [7 Oct 2019 13:00 SLT]

Best party start today.
Join us at Party Destination Grid.
Guys come over, girls are waiting for you to dance.

Firday Party @ Glamour Isle Welcome Center
Where: Delos
When: 4 years ago [20 Sep 2019 13:00 SLT]


Join Friday Party on faster grid around. No lags only fun.


Friday Party @ Glamour Isle Welcome Center
Where: Delos
When: 4 years ago [20 Sep 2019 12:45 SLT]


Join Friday Party on faster grid around. No lags only fun.


Party @ Glamour
Where: Delos
When: 5 years ago [4 May 2019 21:45 SLT]

Everyone join our party.
Best dancers ever.
Reall people, dont mist it.

Happy Christmas to everyone. We just made our own little party and have a good time.

New Year's Party
Where: Delos
When: 5 years ago [1 Jan 2019 20:00 SLT]

This years party will be 1st January 2019 at Glamour Isle Welcome Center.
So put your best dress on and join us.
All sploders will be full and gaming machines will wait for you.
Plus Dj Sked will roll best tunes ever and many other creations
will be give away.
Party will start at 8:00 PM inworld time.
We all are hardly waiting for you to join us.

Everyone are welcome to join us.
You can all make free acount here:

This sunday 28 Oktober will be maintenance on main asset.
All logins will be disabled and will took from 10 AM till 12 AM EU time.
But we will try to make smooth as its possible.
Enjoy inworld.

Party Destination Grid Elite Team
Today again we will have maintanance on main asset server.
We try to be quick so that all can login back.
For any other new news we will post it here.
Maintanance will took from 4PM EU time zone till 11PM EU time zone.
Thank you all members for your pations.

Sked Grabber
Today main asset server will be upgraded and wont be online 2 houre.
We will do all that all be quick for you. For any news we will post it here.
Upgraded will took from 7PM EU time zone till 9PM EU time zone.
Thank you all members for your pations.

Sked Grabber
After New Year Party
Where: Delos
When: 6 years ago [5 Jan 2018 21:45 SLT]

Party Still go on at Party Destination Grid.
Come and join everyone and have fun with our members.
You will see it wil be fun.
DJ Sked is roling music on Dj deck and all your music wishes will make. Isle Welcome Center

Let pArty and be part of our party.
Where pArty never stop.

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Sked Grabber Thank you everyone who belive in our grid. Now we are one big family and this will stay long time. So everyone are welcome to join Party Destination Grid. Everyone can make free account and enjoy all our free features we offer. Sked
Goddess Gaia Paige Stormblade the worst place to get into, the user so-called power-tripping Wicked Way they can't even stand real women being there due to the jealous ways. they also so have to point out everyone's flaws. this is not a place to be around, I was banned from the welcome center for no reason, first, I was to have ...
TheFactory Great Grid and friendly people, I will be back :)

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** Please , IM Wicked for that Limo to the Party , Going on now.. at Yaka Club here at Party Destination grid ** Hugs see u there
Thank you, all for your patience. Back to normal .. Let the fun begin! :) hugs
Offline for a little bit - Be back today , please be patient. Ty
Bonjour et Enchante.
PDG de notre Association en France,
je suis aussi Dj de métier.
Si vous avez besoin contactez moi.
Votre Grille est magnifique et tres Classe.
Nous sommes heureux d’être des Vôtres.

Everything should be working as normal today. hugs to you all
Pdg is under a temporary maintenence.. will be back very soon.
i love grid great places