Living Waters

Living Waters
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The newest most advanced hunt region in all of virtual! Come hunt for gold coins ... get your tally, compete against friends and redeem your coins for exclusive prizes. Fully scripted and totally Hypergrid enabled. Fun and challenging. The sim is a superb natural forest with beautiful spots to relax in, after you are done collectingh coins and shopping. Happy Hunting!

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a hunt event on Dream Hunt. Event runs 6 pm SLT 7/28/17- 6 pm SLT 7/29/17. This hunt will allow unlimited coins. The winner at the end of the day will win a FREE FULL RIGHTS standard region on Neverworld Grid for ONE YEAR. The region will be bare but we can load an oar of your choice. You do not have to be a NWG member to play, but to claim your prize of course you will have to have a Neverworld Grid avi. Hope to see you there!

Dream Hunt - ::Double Coin Days::
Where: Living Waters
When: 7 years ago [8 Jul 2017 06:45 SLT]

Here is an opportunity to gain many coins quickly. For the whole day, Dream Hunt will be seeded with twice as many coins as usual. That means collecting your cool 100 will be easier than pie. And don't forget to redeem your coins at the Token Redemption Center, with more cool and unique inventory being added daily.

Dream Hunt - ::Double Coin Days::
Where: Living Waters
When: 7 years ago [17 Jun 2017 07:15 SLT]

Today all day! Double coins in our hunt region. Your chance to get to 100 coins quicker and easier. And don't forget to redeem them for prizes in our redemption center. Happy Hunting!

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Sheila Devonshire I loved it! Beautiful sim and had a wonderful time finding the treasures! I will definitely be back. :)

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A very unique addition to Opensim!! An HG area that allows hunters to take wonderfuI prizes to home !!! enjoyed hunting for coins in this enchanting forest. The landscaping is so beautiful....the music serene. I was absolutely relaxed a i wandered around finding treasure. Then I tped over to the prize redemption center to trade my coins for some of the wonderful items that are stocked there. I will definitely be back....saw a few more prizes I want to work toward getting. :)