Psybient Sunset

Psybient Sunset
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Welcome to Psybient Sunset in DigiWorldz!
Also home to Dreamstream in DigiWorldz.

Dreamstream providing dedicated stream hosting at low cost.
Dedicated servers located in Phoenix USA, 1GBit network connection.

Create an internet radio station, rent 4 weeks get 10% discount.

I had a store in Genesis, then moved it to DigiWorldz and later
opened a store in Discovery Grid and Great Canadian Grid.

Dreamstream started in Second Life in 2005.
Same name, same me, same great service!

It's a web service, so you can use your stream anywhere online.

Perfect for online DJ's, musicians, your virtual home, club, website or business.
Stream live music shows, or create music playlists and let AutoDJ take control.
AutoDJ is perfect when there's no live broadcasters, stream your own playlists!

AutoDJ streams and Live streams are sold separately.
But you can upgrade your listener limit or disk storage any time!

Shoutcast 2, Icecast 2 & AutoDJ Stream Hosting Plans Available

Two radio control panels to choose from: WHMSonic or Centova Cast 3

For best results, please make sure you are logged into the grid you're renting from.
Otherwise my rental script won't add your info/remaining time to the rental box


Since Inworldz, a lot of us are spread out more around the hyper..

When I have the time I hope to get a better rental system out there,
and reach more customers on different opensim and hyper grids.

Until then, you're welcome to use my rental units to pick up a stream in-world.

You can left click the vendors to pay with PayPal or right click the vendors to use grid currency.

If anyone needs me you know where to find me.
Need a free home on Psybient Sunset contact me!

Sounds Turner

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sounds 40m
I'm not sure why that happened sorry!
Although the sim is fairly empty except for my store and one other build.

Here's a direct landmark to my store:
DollyDot 23d
Landed under water and could not find 'dry' land. Looks like this region is empty! Why is this region posted here if there is only the chance to drown if you can't swim? LOL
sounds 1 months
The region is now hyper enabled.. appoligies!
Hyper was enabled but Hyper visitors was set to no.

If you're thinking of renting a stream from my Digi store,
It works best if you're registered and logged in to DigiWorldz before renting.
Otherwise the unit may not store your info, time, no expiry reminders etc.
DanielFirth 7 months
[18:24] Could not teleport.
No foreign users allowed in this region

No access to region i repeored because your no longer in outworlds HG access policy
ehson 8 months
No foreign users allowed, so HG not working in your zone
sounds 12 months
Dreamstream new location at Psybient Sunset.
Previously located in Genesis, now moved to DigiWorldz.
Also available in Second Life, DigiWorldz & Discovery Grid.

If I had more hands I'd definitely consider doing more.. high5!

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curious why this does not allow people from hypergrid it gives error that no foreign users allowed. i dont think your allowed to list on opensimworld if you are not open to the hypergrid. idk if its just glitch if so please fix.
Tried to visit but says No Foreign vistors allowed....why is this on Opensim then??????
no access
No events

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