Banning International

Banning International
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2 years ago

Calling all Opensim Pilots.
Mesh Airport, Fully scripted aircraft, Demo Aircraft
Shopping, Hanger Condos
Boating, 1024 Var region
You are welcome to bring your own aircraft too.

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GreyGhost 1 years ago
What grid is this sim? It is truly amazing!. I did not see other connecting sims and flying space was very limited but a truly mater build this place! I am so impressed by the work here!
claursen 2 years ago
The Airport looks great j007jackson! Btw, i'm looking for someone with the same name of twitter. Would that be you? You send an intriguing picture of a painting to me on twitter. I nearly fell down from my stair... lol. If so, send me another twitter message. I'd love to chat.
drsim 2 years ago
I just went for a flight was good . Maybe put some big rings in the sky as a course to fly through .
JohnnyBeGood 2 years ago
Finally, a nicely scripted plane in the OpenSim! There is a demo plane to fly - the closest scripting I have seen to SL planes. If you are a seasoned SL pilot or just someone who wants to learn to fly, check this place out!

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This is a really nice little airport butted up against some other regions that give a good fly - ** in bulletsim ** - and this is the one thing. I brought a bunch of my ubODE models, and predictably, because of the significant changes to flying models, they fly embarassingly poorly there, although i...
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