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Amusement Park
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Stone Lunasea
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6 years ago
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Come one, come all and witness the majestic, mesmerizing and magically memorable experience that is That Place Amusement Grid! This curated collection of coasters and curiosities is sure to delight & amaze you!

We have:
* 8 Roller Coasters
* 2 Theme Rides
- Alice in Wonderland
- Pirates of the Caribbean
* 9 HD Video Attractions
- Escape from Gringotts (Harry Potter)
- Star Tours from Disneyland with 5 Exciting Destinations
- Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
- Captain Eo starring Michael Jackson
- The Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera
- Simpsons Adventure

Our other regions include:
* Dark Manor - Full region horror ride sure to scare your socks off!
HG Address: hg.NeverWorldGrid:8002:Dark Manor
* Mystic Manor - Full region kid-friendly magical adventure!
HG Address: hg.NeverWorldGrid:8002:Mystic Manor
* Raceway with working race cars & motorcycles!
HG Address: hg.NeverWorldGrid:8002:Raceway
* Waterpark with working Waterslides & Jet Skis!
HG Address: hg.NeverWorldGrid:8002:Waterpark
* Welcome - Submarine ride & freebie shop!
HG Address: hg.NeverWorldGrid:8002:Welcome

Use the Destination Board in each region to explore, there is a lot to see!

A new ride has been added, the Queen of Hearts!
The casino has been removed for now, but may return as a region of its own in the near future, stay tuned!

We are back & bigger than ever. Join us for great roller coasters, games, movies and much more. We're running in grid mode, feel free to create an account; we're here for good! Free land rentals coming soon!

New server specs:

2 x Intel Xeon Quad Core CPUs (8 cores / 16 hypertread)
1,024mbps Fiber Internet
Professionally hosted in Dallas, TX.
Bored & looking for something to do? There's plenty of fun to be had at That Place Amusement Grid! Check out our Multi-Region Amusement Park, this grid has it all! Thrill Coasters, D*sneyland Rides, even a working Movie Theater! If you're looking for the cure to boredom, you've found it! Drop on by and tell 'em Micah sent you!

All of our regions have been moved onto a gaming server on their own grid! We're open to the Hypergrid but do not allow local signup. Feel free to teleport in and check us out!

*** MARCH 2017 ***
The park has been completely redesigned, from the ground up!
We now have:
* 7 New Roller Coasters
* 9 Video Attractions

Play games in our brand new fully-legal Casino to earn Playing Cards, which can be redeemed for free parcels or even full regions on various grids.
Check out our Website for the latest info: (NO .com)
*** NEW Dec 2016: 3 Themed Attractions!
* Captain Eo - The 1980s Michael Jackson themed ride from Disneyland in all it's glory!
* That Place Theater - Currently showing Nightmare Before Christmas (Full movie!)
* Star Tours - Both the Original AND the 3 new destinations, come check out this amazing recreation of the Star Tours (Star Wars) ride past and present!

We've moved into OSGrid with all new server-grade hardware! Come and ride, or check out our massive Freebie Mall (Region: Freebie)!

We're redoing our servers and will be back ASAP. Stay tuned!

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Hope Lunasea Lots of rides and wonderful fun to be had! It's definitely a must see. :)

Region Comments

Stone Lunasea 13 days ago
We're now on the Neverworld Grid! After 3 years, our parks & attractions have found a home! I'm slowly bringing our other regions online, the scripts need some updating but the Amusement Park is done & online! We are running Yeti & our regions are Gloebit enabled. Tips are appreciated! Running professional grade hardware in a secure datacenter, please let us know if you have any issues! Now, lets go ride some rides!
Tainted Angel 2 years ago
Love your worlds. Are the rides still available anywhere?
Samantha Magic 3 years ago
I just tried to get onto this Region and it states denied access to private region Amusement Park???
Zoe Synclair 3 years ago
Very entertaining, I enjoyed my visit, thanks :)
Linda Diva 3 years ago
What a huge amount of work you have done here and its so much fun !
Hope Lunasea 3 years ago
Hello and thank you, Linda! Glad you had a lot of fun. :) Hope to see you again soon!
Kimmy Love 5 years ago
this sim is so much fun love the rides is a must see for all :D cotton candy yummm
Stone Lunasea 5 years ago
Glad you had fun Kimmy, visit us again soon, we're always building!
oopsee Joseppe 5 years ago
this region is soooooo fun, sets excitement to high .... oh yeah grabs some cotton candy too ---- a must place to visit again and again
Stone Lunasea 5 years ago
Glad you had fun, thanks for the review!!