Amusement Park

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Bored & looking for something to do? There's plenty of fun to be had at That Place Amusement Grid! Check out our Multi-Region Amusement Park, this grid has it all! Thrill Coasters, D*sneyland Rides, even a working Movie Theater! If you're looking for the cure to boredom, you've found it! Drop on by and tell 'em Micah sent you!

A new ride has been added, the Queen of Hearts!
The casino has been removed for now, but may return as a region of its own in the near future, stay tuned!

We are back & bigger than ever. Join us for great roller coasters, games, movies and much more. We're running in grid mode, feel free to create an account; we're here for good! Free land rentals coming soon!

New server specs:

2 x Intel Xeon Quad Core CPUs (8 cores / 16 hypertread)
1,024mbps Fiber Internet
Professionally hosted in Dallas, TX.

All of our regions have been moved onto a gaming server on their own grid! We're open to the Hypergrid but do not allow local signup. Feel free to teleport in and check us out!

*** MARCH 2017 ***
The park has been completely redesigned, from the ground up!
We now have:
* 7 New Roller Coasters
* 9 Video Attractions

Play games in our brand new fully-legal Casino to earn Playing Cards, which can be redeemed for free parcels or even full regions on various grids.
Check out our Website for the latest info: (NO .com)
*** NEW Dec 2016: 3 Themed Attractions!
* Captain Eo - The 1980s Michael Jackson themed ride from Disneyland in all it's glory!
* That Place Theater - Currently showing Nightmare Before Christmas (Full movie!)
* Star Tours - Both the Original AND the 3 new destinations, come check out this amazing recreation of the Star Tours (Star Wars) ride past and present!

We've moved into OSGrid with all new server-grade hardware! Come and ride, or check out our massive Freebie Mall (Region: Freebie)!

We're redoing our servers and will be back ASAP. Stay tuned!