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Amusement Park

Amusement Park
Added by :
Stone Lunasea
Created :
6 years ago
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Come one, come all and witness the majestic, mesmerizing and magically memorable experience that is That Place Amusement Grid! This curated collection of coasters and curiosities is sure to delight & amaze you!

We have:
* 8 Roller Coasters
* 2 Theme Rides
- Alice in Wonderland
- Pirates of the Caribbean
* 9 HD Video Attractions
- Escape from Gringotts (Harry Potter)
- Star Tours from Disneyland with 5 Exciting Destinations
- Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
- Captain Eo starring Michael Jackson
- The Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera
- Simpsons Adventure

Our other regions include:
* Dark Manor - Full region horror ride sure to scare your socks off!
HG Address: hg.NeverWorldGrid:8002:Dark Manor
* Mystic Manor - Full region kid-friendly magical adventure!
HG Address: hg.NeverWorldGrid:8002:Mystic Manor
* Raceway with working race cars & motorcycles!
HG Address: hg.NeverWorldGrid:8002:Raceway
* Waterpark with working Waterslides & Jet Skis!
HG Address: hg.NeverWorldGrid:8002:Waterpark
* Welcome - Submarine ride & freebie shop!
HG Address: hg.NeverWorldGrid:8002:Welcome

Use the Destination Board in each region to explore, there is a lot to see!

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Reviews (2)
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Hope Lunasea Lots of rides and wonderful fun to be had! It's definitely a must see. :)

Region Comments

Stone Lunasea 18 days ago
We're now on the Neverworld Grid! After 3 years, our parks & attractions have found a home! I'm slowly bringing our other regions online, the scripts need some updating but the Amusement Park is done & online! We are running Yeti & our regions are Gloebit enabled. Tips are appreciated! Running professional grade hardware in a secure datacenter, please let us know if you have any issues! Now, lets go ride some rides!
Tainted Angel 2 years ago
Love your worlds. Are the rides still available anywhere?
Samantha Magic 3 years ago
I just tried to get onto this Region and it states denied access to private region Amusement Park???
Zoe Synclair 3 years ago
Very entertaining, I enjoyed my visit, thanks :)
Linda Diva 3 years ago
What a huge amount of work you have done here and its so much fun !
Hope Lunasea 3 years ago
Hello and thank you, Linda! Glad you had a lot of fun. :) Hope to see you again soon!
Kimmy Love 5 years ago
this sim is so much fun love the rides is a must see for all :D cotton candy yummm
Stone Lunasea 5 years ago
Glad you had fun Kimmy, visit us again soon, we're always building!
oopsee Joseppe 5 years ago
this region is soooooo fun, sets excitement to high .... oh yeah grabs some cotton candy too ---- a must place to visit again and again
Stone Lunasea 5 years ago
Glad you had fun, thanks for the review!!